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4 Ways to Remove Bubble Algae From Your Tank

Nuissance Algae is always a real drag to find in your tank. And bubble algae is among the hardest algae to get out of your tank. Any pest can be defeated and I show you 4 ways to remove bubble algae from your tank

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  • Jackson Vandenberg says:

    Thanks for the nice tip mark.

  • says:

    Thanks for sharing this Mark, as I am getting this algae for the first time in my tank.

    I do have a general question related to this video and some others and that is: When watching this video, what you’re doing seemed relatively easy and that’s because I’m viewing it from the camera’s perspective. When I went to apply some of these techniques, I had great difficulty seeing what I was doing, due to various factors like water movement, light refraction, and physically not having an arm long enough to enable me to poke my coconut in front of the glass to see what I’m doing from another angle.

    If you are filming work you’re doing in that huge tank aquarium looming behind you (and mine is just a 75 gallon job), to put it succinctly: HOW YOU DO DAT?!


  • Kevin says:

    I learned the hard way to make sure I locate qualified professionals to help with my tank removals. Not removing a tank properly can lead to catastrophic consequences. It is just beneficial to have it done right the first time. I have seen too many people try to find cheap options, and run into disaster because of it. I will not let it happen to me again. I just wished that I had learned this lesson earlier!

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