A Suicide, Wildfires, And An Infection

Summer of 2011 has brought significant changes to my tanks including the Fat Jack LED experiment.

Here’s the latest on all my children…I mean tanks…

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  • Frankie Torres says:

    Wow! Mark you set ups are awesome… Sorry about you RBTA, yeah they are unpredictable… Are you still moving?

  • Jacob says:

    I have a RBTA in my sps tank. The thing does not like my vortech pump. I have a 90 gallon also, but I can only have one vortech and the RBTA is on the other side of the tank.

  • Mad Hatter Reef says:

    Great update. The tanks are looking great mark. how was MACNA?

  • aron l says:

    What part of Texas do you live? I’m living in Lubbock, and we recently had 50+ days of over 100 degrees. We finally got two days of rain.

  • Aron…Austin, TX area. We’ve had nearly 80 days of over 100 degrees and no rain since June or earlier. (I can’t remember the last time it rained)

  • Jeff…MACNA was a very nice show. You should come next year!

  • Jacob…the RBTA might be on the other side of the tank as the flow is too much for it closer to the vortech. And, ‘nems have a mind of their own so it might just like the other side of your tank!

  • Frankie…yep, we’re out of here next year. If you buy our house, I’ll throw in the tank! 🙂

  • Frankie Torres says:

    Ha… I’m a Chicagoian till the day I die. I love the cold weather and Snow 🙂

  • Ellery says:

    I just lost all my anemone’s all of a sudden this past month mysteriously. Unfortunately they didn’t even wander but might have been some infection somewhat since even my mushrooms started melting away. I lost a RBTA that was 13 years old and 12″ in diameter. 🙁 Oh well it’s a sign that I don’t have enough time to work on my tank as I used to with a 2 year old.

  • Joe says:

    I have a 30 gal oceanic tank. I bought a chiller this year for the tank and it was well worth it. I tried fans and went to T5 lighting. All is well. We to had a hot summer in Pa. Enjoyed your update. Keep up the great work! Hows the dog doing?

  • Calireefer says:

    2 off topic questions, where do you get all your funny T-Shirts? And are you a skater? You seem to have some nice road rash on your right arm in this video. 😉

    Again, gotta say love your site and all you do for the hobby! Keep up the great work!

  • jeff walder says:

    Mark I noticed on your new nano tank how fast your coraline algae is growing on your back glass, how do you get it growing so fast!!!
    I have been getting bits and pieces over my weir and back glass but at a very slow rate over 3-5 months, but certainly a big improvement making my own saltwater (seachem) and buying my own RODI system
    thanks for all your great videos
    regards jeff

  • Ryan Speltz says:

    Mark Great update, very big bummer to see and hear the news on Fat Jack, I was looking forward to seeing how the AI Sol did=) Maybe we will get the info in the future on them, and I hope Fat Jack come back to life soon without single celled critters.

  • Ivon says:

    Marc, I truly admire your tanks and I as well live here in Texas, in Wichita Falls!! Made weather.com’s #1 with worst summer weather…100 days over 100 degs…rediculous! Well keep up the good work and I look forward to each new episode.

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