Being Cheap in the Saltwater Tank World

Everybody likes to save a dollar, but keeping a saltwater tank is a hobby where it never pays to be cheap.

Here’s an example of a common place people try to cut corners: The use of grocery store items as supplements in place of buying name brand supplements.

Money saved…a couple of dollars.

Potential disaster to your tank = immeasureable.

When you stop to think about it, you spend LOTS of money on corals and fish for your tank. Why would you risk the investment you have in your tank to save a couple of dollars?

Grocery store items such as epson salts (a Mg booster) and picking lime (a kalk substitute) aren’t pure. They may contain lots of other compounds that we don’t know about and aren’t listed on the bottle. So when you dose the salts or the lime, you are dosing the unknown compounds as well. The result = potential for tank crashes, bleaching corals, etc.

Name brand supplements are often pharmaceutical grade pure so you can know when you are dosing the supplements, you are JUST dosing the supplement. No unknown compounds to wreak havoc on your tank.

Your tank is an investment. Don’t try to cut corners to save some money. Instead, treat the tank as the investment its worth and it will pay you back in folds.

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  • David Petti says:

    I disagree with you. I have been dosing Epsom Salt(for raising mg) and dried baking soda (to raise dKH) for years with out any adverse effects. If you are referring to AA and the like then yes dose the pharmaceutical grade stuff.

  • Brian Davis says:

    I believe he was referring to Amino Acids. I’m curious how his sulfate levels are while dosing Epsom? Unfortunately, when people cut this corner with a sandbed this is a side effect that potentially can lead to an accumultive problem. I don’t recall how quickly this accumulates, but a person has to use quite a bit Epsom to treat.


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