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Tunze’s 6095 NanoStream Pump Reviewed (With Look At the 7096 Controller)

Tunze is known for its wave boxes, osmolators and stream pumps. And with the addition of the 6095 nano stream pump, Tunze is adding a variable speed pump with a small footprint, yet wide flow.

The 6095 is also controllable …

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First Look At The Mazarra Maxspect X

LED for saltwater aquariums continue their meteoric rise in popularity and for the budget minded, Mazarra believes they have the solution for you.

NOTE: if you cannot view the video below, navigate to this link

Correction: The point about the

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Vinegar is So Last Year: Hydor’s Magi Klean

Sometimes it takes a stroke of bad luck to turn you on to something good.

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Mr. Saltwater Tank’s EcoTech Marine Radion Experiment Update

I’m 4 months in, so it is time for a full fledged update of testing out LEDs over my SPS heavy tank.

Don’t miss the link to the bonus video showing my Radion custom program!

Links in this video:…

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The GHL Stand Alone Doser Reviewed

Maintaining your saltwater tank’s parameters can be done in a number of ways. And since I’m a fan of dosing pumps, I wanted to have a look at a stand alone doser that is rumored to have a great reputation.…

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Carbon, GFO In A Saltwater Tank And The Easiest Way I’ve Found To Run Them Both

Carbon and GFO each have an important role in your saltwater tank and I’ve found a very easy way to run them both.

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Hydor’s SmartWave Powerhead Controller Reviewed

Creating random currents in you saltwater tank help keep your tank clean and add neat effects like simulating a tide going in and out.

Lucky for you, Hydor’s SmartWave powerhead controller makes these random currents for you, and you don’t …

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Pumps, Glue and Now LEDs

EcoTech Marine is most famous for their vortech pumps. And when I heard they were coming out with an LED fixture, I hoped it would perform as well as the mp40’s in my tank.

Little did I know, I’d tear …

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Mr. Saltwater Tank Reviews the Hanna Calcium Checker

Can the most-complicated Hanna Checker still be easy enough to use for the everyday aquarist? I put the Hanna Calcium checker to the test and come up with a request for Hanna Instruments.

Links in this video:

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It’s Clear and Sticky, But Does it Work?

You would think something like super glue can’t be improved upon. Super glue is super glue is super glue right?

Not according to EcoTech Marine. They claim their glue works better than other super glue and to find out the …

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