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Mr. Saltwater Tank’s Review of the Tunze Silence 1073.05

Germans are know for their great engineering and anything Tunze comes right out of Germany.

But why would I get excited about a variable speed return pump from Tunze? I’ll show you why.


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Hanna Instruments Alkalinity Checker Reviewed

Some will argue that an alkalinity test is simply an alkalinity test. The gem is this alkalinity test doesn’t lie in the test itself.

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Use the Force When Aquascaping Your Tank

Everyone loves a well aquascaped tank but no one loves the time, frustration and anguish it takes to get one.

Forget the anguish and frustration now because I’ve found something that will make aquascaping easy and will let you be …

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Drops, Color Cards and the New Kid on the Block

Eating your veggies, testing your saltwater tank: two things you don’t like but are necessary.
In this episode of Mr. Saltwater Tank TV, I show why testing your tank is important and I show you a great new piece of
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How to Select an RODI Unit w/tips for those of you who already own one)

Using only 0 TDS RODI water is a foundational element of keeping a saltwater aquarium.

With all the choices on the market though, how would you decide which RODI unit to buy? And wouldn’t the unit you can buy at …

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Mr. Saltwater Tank Exclusive Review: Tunze 7092 Wavecontroller

Tunze’s waveboxes are a great way to add wave-like flow to your tank and they’re about to get even better.

Tunze is about to release a brand new wavecontroller and in this episode of Mr. Saltwater Tank TV, I’ll take …

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The Single Best Reef Tank Purchase I’ve Ever Made

Of all the pieces of equipment to buy for your saltwater tank, the one that I think is most worth the money (and really cool as well), is a tank controller.

In this episode of Mr. Saltwater Tank TV, I …

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Bacteria in a Bottle: Functional or Fake?

Waiting for your new saltwater tank to cycle can be a real P.I.T.A. For roughly a month when you first start your tank, you can’t put anything in your tank: no fish, certainly no corals, no invertebrates. So you get …

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Auto Top Offs (ATO) Biggest Secret

Running an Auto Top Off (ATO) is one of the easiest ways to keep your tank running smoothly. An ATO unit keeps a constant water level in your tank, which makes sure your protein skimmer runs correctly and keeps your …

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