Tank Profiles

Profiling A Reef Junkie

Remodeling a house for a tank, drilling holes through walls…all normal behavior for a reef junkie. This behavior may seem odd to non-aquarists, but to reef junkies, they wouldn’t have it any other way. My friend Mike fits the reef …

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Mr. Saltwater Tank Profiles Bellevue High School’s Marine Lab

Football, soccer, English class. All typical activities for American High Schools. As a reef junkie I say forget all that and join Mr. Bower’s Marine Lab

Links in this show: www.mrsaltwatertank.com/site/marinelab

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A Look At The Reef Junkie Life

One of the biggest defining characteristics of a reef junkie is that their saltwater tank is the focus on their life. Often these reef junkie’s houses are build around their tank and in the case of this aquarium, the walls …

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The Livestock Side of Mr. Saltwater Tank’s 375g Tank

You’ve seen the equipment, now it is time to move onto the living and breathing part of my new 375 gallon tank.

Links in this show: www.mrsaltwatertank.com/successstore

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Mr. Saltwater Tank’s 375 Gallon Reef Tank Build Show

375 gallons makes a large saltwater tank. There’s lots of swimming room for fish, lots of places to put corals and lots of opportunities for the unexpected to happen during the tank build process. Fortunately for me, I got all …

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Mr. Saltwater Tank Tours Julian Sprung’s Personal Reef Tank

Julian Sprung is one of the most referenced, and is arguably the most well-known saltwater tank professionals. He’s been involved in the hobby since the days when mullets were cool and now he’s over 40 and still reefing full time. …

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Mr. Saltwater Tank Visits The Steinhart Aquarium Philippine Reef Tank Part 2

Making a 213,000 gallon reef tank look great requires a lot of t.l.c., but also a lot of equipment. In part 2 of my Steinhart Aquarium tour, Richard Ross shows me the equipment needed to make the Philippine reef tank …

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The Final Update on Mr. Saltwater Tank’s 235 Tank

Somethings last forever, somethings don’t.  While my 235g tank’s life was relatively short with several bumps in the road, it paved the way for something really big sitting right next to it

Links in this video:


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Mr. Saltwater Tank Visits The Steinhart Aquarium

Tank dabbler, reef enthusiast or reef junkie…they all love the same thing: really big saltwater aquariums.  I’m a die-hard reef junkie and I’ve seen some big reef tanks in my live, but nothing compares to the Philippine reef tank at …

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Mr. Saltwater Tank’s 235g Tank December Update

2012 has proved to be a up and down year for my 235g tank. After a rocky start that included a neglected rental house, a marine velvet outbreak and my tank was restarted in May and has been running successfully …

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