Tank Profiles

Mr. Saltwater Tank’s 90G Reef Tank FINAL Update

Insane coral growth…check

100% LED lighting….check

My tank in your house…could be!

Links in this show: www.MrSaltWaterTank.com/mytank/

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Mr. Saltwater Tank’s VIP Client’s Dream Tank Build

40 gallon breeder…check.
5800 gallon + Koi pond…check.
Dream saltwater tank build…in progress.


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A Suicide, Wildfires, And An Infection

Summer of 2011 has brought significant changes to my tanks including the Fat Jack LED experiment.

Here’s the latest on all my children…I mean tanks…

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My 90 Gallon Tank Revisited: A Birth, An Eviction, And Some New Kids on the Block

A look at my tank after 6 months. Who stayed, who got the boot and a link you’ve been waiting for.

Links in this show:

  • www.mrsaltwatertank.com/mytank
  • www.mrsaltwatertank.com/ledbuild
  • www.mrsaltwatertank.com/facebook

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Denver’s Finest Saltwater Tanks

The Mile High City is known for sports and great ski slopes – but saltwater tanks?


I got to tour some of the finest Denver, Colorado has to offer and I even saw one that didn’t have a single …

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My 90g Reef Tank: The Live Stuff, The Dead Stuff and Where I Am Now

In part 2 of the tour of my 90G mixed reef tank, I take you into the display part of my system. You’ll see the colorful, the not so colorful, what I killed and where my tank sits today.

You’ll …

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A Personal Tour of Mr. Saltwater Tank’s 90G Mixed Reef Tank

You asked for an inside tour of my 90G reef tank and here it is!

In this episode of Mr. Saltwater Tank TV, I show you the ins and outs of the equipment side of my 90 gallon reef tank. …

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440 Gallon Monster Tank Build, Part 2

After a summer of setbacks, lighting that didn’t work as expected and constant fiddling, the 440 gallon monster tank build is complete…for now.

Stephen from Hydro Innovations takes us through his tank, showing us what’s changed and where the sits …

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A Tour of Austin Aqua Farms

A Tour of Austin Aqua Farms
The Internet has provided for an explosion of online retailers in the coral market. And one of the best is right here in my back yard, Austin Aqua Farms.

In this episode of Mr. …

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A Reef Junkie Profile

A Reef Junkie’s life revolves around their tank. The tank is part of the family and they are proud of it.

In this episode of Mr. Saltwater Tank TV, I go to my friend Mike’s house, a die-hard reef junkie, …

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