Thoughts on 2 weeks with the CO2 scrubber

I’ve been running the CO2 scrubber for 2 weeks now so I wanted to post my thoughts on the product.

Overall, the scrubber was very successful in not only raising my pH, but also maintaining it at high levels. Before …

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Thank Goodness it didn’t go after my fish!

I walk in my house last night from happy hour with my wife and I immediately sense something was off. I sniff the air and smell feces.

Immediately I start walking the house wondering if someone has broken in. I …

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Why you should taste the water in your bucket

I decided I’d take tonight and do a water change as well as refill my reservoir for my Auto Top Off (ATO) so I loaded up 3 white 5 gallon jugs, mixed salt in two of them, and left the …

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I come bearing gifts

Not too long ago, I bought two Green Bubble Tip Anemones (GBTA).  I placed them in my tank and once they found a home they liked, they attached themselves to a piece of rock at the top of my tank …

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Its not all about the parameters

Much attention is (and should be given) to water parameter in saltwater tanks.  That means that parameters such as temperature, pH and alkalinity should be monitored and kept as stable as possible. Once saltwater tanks are setup and operating, they

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