Write Up Wednesdays

Write-Up Wednesday: Automation Trust Factor

Write Up Wednesday: The automation trust factor

You trust your tank’s seals to not leak. You trust your tank’s stand to hold the weight of the tank. When you automate anything on your saltwater tank, you are trusting the equipment …

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Write-Up Wednesday: When I Actually Care About pH In A Saltwater Aquarium

Besides temperature, salinity, Ammonia (NH4), Nitrite (NO2) and Nitrate (NO3), pH is one of the first water parameters that you learn about in the water tank hobby. PH measures the concentration of hydrogen (H+) ions in solution. It is an …

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Write-Up Wednesday: The Pros and Cons of An Automatic Fish Feeder

Feeding your fish is something that you have to do. Your finned friends simply cannot survive without being fed something. While you likely enjoy feeding your fish manually, there are merits and drawbacks to using an automatic fish feeder.

The …

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Write-Up Wednesday: Orange Diamond Goby (Valenciennea puellaris)

The Orange Diamond Goby (Valenciennea puellaris) is a bottom dwelling fish with a white body and orange spots. The Orange Diamond Goby creates burrows in the sandbed for protection and is usually long lived in captivity.

It is …

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Write-Up Wednesday: Rock Flower Anemones (Epicystis crucifer)

Rock Flower anemones (Epicystis crucifer) are an under appreciated gem in the reef tank world. They tend to stay smaller in size, come in a variety of colors and mostly stay where you place them. Adding to their …

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Write-Up Wednesday: Fathead Dendro (Dendrophyllia fistula)

Fathead Dendros (Dendrophyllia fistula) are a non-photosynthentic (NPS) coral that stands in a class by itself as they are one of the rare NPS corals I’ll keep in my tank. Why the special treatment for Fatheads? There are …

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Write-Up Wednesday: Top-Down Viewers

I’ve got a strong hunch that you setup a saltwater tank to stock it with beautiful inhabitants for your viewing pleasure. I’m also got a strong hunch that 99% of the time, you view those inhabitants from the side -i.e. …

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Write-Up Wednesday: Montipora Setosa

Montipora Setosa (Montipora Setosa) easily ranks within my top 5 favorite corals as it is a unique coral with bright colors that never ceases to catch my eye. A tank can be stuffed with all types of coral …

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Write-Up Wednesday: Tank Transfer Method For Disease Control

Two of the most common diseases saltwater fish can get in captivity – marine ich (Cryptocaryon irritans) and marine velvet (Amyloodinium ocellatum) – have suggested a treatment method called the “tank transfer method”.

To understand the tank transfer …

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Write-Up Wednesday: Flaked Fish Food

The invention of flaked fish food made feeding your finned friends a heck of a lot easier. Since flaked food is dry and stored at room temperature, feeding your fish is as easy as opening a container of flaked fish …

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