Check This When Running Filter Socks

If you’re running filter socks, follow Alec’s advice and complete this important step before the sock leaves your tank.

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  • Josh P says:

    I also like to turn mine inside out immediately while they’re still wet. Most gunk is obviously stuck on the inside and I want that side to be exposed when I throw them in my wash machine. That way I can make sure they are as clean as possible. If you wait to turn them inside out after they dry, they get real stiff and the fabric becomes real difficult to work through the plastic ring.

  • John Weaver says:

    how do you wash the sock? Do you use soap, clorox etc?

  • John Weaver says:

    what do you wash sock in?

  • Geraud K says:

    I do something similar to Josh:

    Step 0: get it out and check for animals caught in there.
    Step 1: use the shower to remove any gunk outside of it, or “trapped in the material”
    Step 2: turn it upside down, and more shower time, from “plastic ring to bottom” to get as much as possible.

  • Steve Connelly says:

    I always check mine.
    I wash in bleach and baking soda (short wash each), then a final wash with vinegar instead of soap to nuttralize any leftover bleach. Hot wash all the way. I have maybe 20 socks I rotate. They get pretty fuzzy, but some are 3+ years old

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