An Important Message from Mr. Saltwater Tank

This Valentine’s day, don’t let this happen to you.

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  • Steve says:

    I just finished my Paramedic rotations and that is to real. Very nice shooting. Hope to see more. Love your videos!!!

  • sos says:

    thought for sure this was gonna be about TB.

  • Marc M says:

    That was the best and funniest VIDEO so far!!!! Pure genius, Do you work in the ER to get access to film in there???


  • John (Dr. Monti) says:

    Amazing! The video turned out very nice Mark. Since I am plagued with flatworms from the one time I didn’t dip this is a great service announcement!

  • ChrisG says:

    Ha! that was funny, but true. Love it

  • Matthew says:

    Do you work in a hospital

  • John (Dr. Monti) says:

    Mark and I stayed in a Holiday Inn express last night. (separate rooms!)

  • Carlos says:

    Ok, thanks to your info and a few other youtube folks, lafishguys, newyorksteelo and other random videos I am now officially a reef enthusiast. I got my first tank two weeks ago and have made many upgrades to it (34 gallon red sea max) that I got off of craigslist including live rock, a few coral and many many many additives that they prior owner used to use. I have tested the water for everything and the water is perfect. I have thrown out half of the junk that he was dosing the tank with and want to do this right.

    PLEASE make a video about dosing the tank. There are many opinions out there and I would like to see what has been working for you. I have seen every single video you have and have been following your instructions with great results, but it is too early in my tank’s life for kalk but I need to know specifically what other stuff needs to be dosed in the tank, including carbon. Thanks and keep up the great work. I look forward to all of your new videos.

  • Marc…no, the other doctor in the video is a surgeon so we were able to get into the Operating Room recovery area (what we called the ER) to shoot.

  • John…did you get rid that pesky 6-line as well?

  • Matthew..nope…

  • John…hahahaha! Maybe we’ll do that on our world tour!!

  • Carlos…dosing is really easy. I put kalk in my top off, and I dose Mg, CA and Alk. Nothing else. IMO, the other supplements aren’t needed.

  • Dustin says:

    Hahaha, very funny. Cheesy as a bag of doritos but still funny.

  • luke says:

    hi i love your vids i am whant to start a saltwater tank could you make a vid on how to start out

  • Luke…I’m working on a whole video series about that. Email me for details.

  • Beth says:

    Absolutely love this. Good job on the clip, really gets the point across.

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