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EcoTech Marine Vectra Long Term Test and AC vs. DC Efficiency Test

I’ve been running an EcoTech Marine Vectra L1 return pump on my 450 gallon tank for nine months now. Here’s how things have been going. I also conducted a test of an AC pump vs. the DC driven Vectra so you get an idea of the efficiency of the two pumps.

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  • Dale Drummond says:

    Nice review. Great to see you back.

  • cypherLJK says:

    Good vid. I switched 2 mos. ago to a DC pump on my 150 gallon tank. My Apex’s current draw and the electric bill definitely show the diffeence

  • Beth says:

    Great to see you back. Have missed your informative videos. Great review. Thanks

  • David Rifkin says:

    Is installation of the Vectra still wonky. I recall that it doesn’t attach to a standard 3/4″ pipe, and that some sanding/filing had to be done. Is this still the case?

  • Love the shirt, I’ll look into the pump

  • Tom says:

    Good to hear from you again Mark.

  • Dennis…I get all my shirts from these guys:

  • David..the M1 attaches to 3/4″ pipe and the L1 attaches to 1″ pipe. Ideally you’d use PVC transition cement to glue in the pipe as the Vectra fittings are made of ABS plastic. I’ve used both transition cement and regular cement and have had zero issues with the pipe becoming unglued

  • Peter Tucker says:

    Hey Mark, thanks for the video. Just curious – I’ve heard that the vectra’s are underpowered, and just wanted to check the numbers you are showing. Your graph said about 800gph at 100% (I think) – the graph looked to be at about ~60 watts, not the 80watt max power. Looks like you were taking the measurement pretty close to the output, so head loss would not necessarily be a factor? The pump is rated at 2000gph, which appears then that it isn’t putting out even close to those numbers – is that your experience? Or, I might be reading the graph wrong in the video (at about 6:00 minutes). Was looking at the L1 for a future tank, but not if the flow is not as advertised. Thanks!

    Best, Peter

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