Fighting Over The Tank? Mr. Saltwater Tank Can Help

Not every relationship goes smoothly, but they don’t have to end in a fight.

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  • Adam says:

    Wedding Crashers???

  • Thomas says:

    Oh that was just horrible. Nice “3 camera” set up though.

  • Julie says:

    I loved it! Thanks Mark for the laugh. Happy New Year!

  • David says:

    That put the young and the restless to shame boys! Thanks for the laugh …… Is there no end to your talents mark ;0)

  • Doug says:

    Pretty good shtick, and not bad acting either… not grat , but not bad for a fish guy… Happy 2012

  • Erik says:

    Funny video, especially the end. Happy New Year everyone.

  • Monique says:

    Mark ,i do not want to insult you, but you movie are so bad.Why do you want to do it,they are not funny, just boring and very immature.
    I like you and you are good in teaching people about fish tank.Keep researching and studying all you can of reef new fish and the new products.People believe in you,Does Movie are not helping you.Take care.

  • Matt says:

    Personally I enjoyed the giggle… Seriously folks… Its just a laugh… If you can’t see the fun in it then don’t worry about it and ignore it… 😉

    Mark… remind me not to let you help me settle an argument with the misses should we have a Tank related bust up!!! (highly likely as I’m heading towards Reef Junkie!)…

  • Dax says:

    Monique that was a little harsh. I doubt you have had to take any video classes in college. This was funny and just shows that reefkeeping doesn’t have to run you life and you can still get out and do something with family and friends once your tank is on “Cruise Controll”. I thought it was great Mark. GJ

  • Kyle says:

    I agree with DAX, That was HARSH! Mark, You rock! your videos always make me laugh! very good work! Keep them coming!

  • Dave says:

    Stick to the tank police. Lol

  • Luke says:

    Loved the video, very funny with splashes of truth. Keep ’em comin!

  • Gene says:

    wow the acting was just horrible mark your losing it lmao

  • Aaron says:

    Petsonally, your videos like these have not been my cup of tea. However, you have my support as long as you’re having fun. This hobby is nothing, if not fun. I hope you’re having a blast with your show, but I eagerly await your next ‘normal’ installment. 🙂

  • Evan says:

    Love the tribute to one of my personal favorite movies!!!

  • Thanks everyone for your feedback. I enjoy reading the comments whatever they may be and I realize comedy (and really any show) has the potential to turn some people off. It’s part of doing what I do so I’ll keep making shows!

  • Veeral Shah says:

    Kool Video. well i have 2 reef tanks, two FW planted tanks and 1 turtle cichlid tank. trust my i dont like to leave my house. when i go on a holiday, i callup atleast 3 times a day and talk to my dad as i show him what to do everyday like topups, supplementing, etc. and if im on a holiday abroad, my phone bill is like a bomb. when im at home, i give 1hr of time everyday and on sat and sun i skip work. lol. and yes i have many times ran out of money. but, we are aquarium geeks. JUST CANT RESIST.

  • Boots says:

    Nice lol. maybe you could find a solution to a wife that hates your tank as if its your mistress lol. my wife introduces my tank as my girlfriend to any guest to our house, then badmouths how much time,money, and tears i waste on it to all our friends. i wish she understood the hobby or cared to learn about it.

  • Hubert says:

    Haha that was funny, reminded me of wedding crashers!
    Make more!

  • Na says:


    I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way and some might disagree but these acting videos are stupid.

    I’ve followed your videos loyally mostly because of how professional they were. Strait forward, informative with no funny business. Sure a bit of humour here and there was fine but whole videos to only get to the point in the last few seconds is getting annoying.

    I find myself avoiding your vids more and more. Sure I could just stop following them like many other probably already have but I’m hoping to see a change of heart. Might I suggest 2 separate channels? One for your acting career and one with professional advice which seems to be getting less and less these days.

    Hey, don’t take my word for it. Brows some reefing forums and you’ll see allot of people agreeing with my statement.


  • Virgil Smith says:

    How did you get Senator Weiner for that?

  • Na…I’m curious to read these threads on the forums…can you please post the links to the threads so I can see?

  • Beth says:

    Killing me!!!! LOL. Awesome skit guys.

  • Daniel says:

    Haha that was awsome, who cares about actingskills?!
    Its a funnyvid for crying out loud! 😀

  • Epicurus says:

    I like the homor video’s. Bad acting isn’t bad as long as it’s clearly not that good. And not made to seem good. (like many soaps).

    Anyhow, it should imho not be the main thing. However the Tang police video, is maybe funny. But even told 10 times. I’m a mod on a Dutch forum (i know mark your not that much of a forum guy) but “we” have to tell soooo many people to not keep a certain fish. Some people follow the advice and spread it (wohoo we won) others we will not ever see back on the forum, clearly because they still have the fish and do not like that most people think it should not be kept in that tank.

    The nice thing of that forum is that most people agree on how it should be done. This is the best way to keep a reef, since mixed advice will bring most problems.

    That last one is just a funny video i like it. Keep the video’s going. And since i’ve seen them all its just a couple of minutes each week. So its a laugh or maybe some wasted time. So i do not really care for the funny videos.

  • Thomas Golzen says:

    LOVE’d It!!! Weddings Crashers is my favorite movie! Awesome Job

  • david says:

    I think all of Marks videos are great. Sure i like the ones where i learn something new more than the funny ones, but they are still funny and fun to watch none the less. If you dont like these types of videos, dont subscribe to him and dont watch him, simple as that. Clearly he has fun doing this, lots of people like them, so he is not going to stop any time soon ! I too would also love to see all of these threads that NA is talking about, i havent seen anything yet and im on-line all the time. Please post the links to the multiple threads you are referring too.

  • JoeNoodle says:

    Haha, this made me smile. Great enthusiasm, is that spelled right?

  • Bobby Thom says:

    Na… you honestly have nothing better to do? I find it crazy how people have nothing better to do then try to put people down.

    Life is short, learn to laugh and enjoy Marks hard work! Your sense of humor is one of the most powerful tools you have to make certain that your daily mood and emotional state support good health!

    Keep up the awesome vids Marky Mark

  • thanks Joe and yes, you spelled it right!

  • Thanks everyone for the comments. I realize the fun shows aren’t for everyone and I like to mix things up so you’ll see more! And yes, you’ll see more of the regular as well!

  • If I want to see serious then I’ll watch the news or a read a book. In the mean time, I’ll come here to be entertained, keep up with the newest products, and ultimately enjoy the hobby and all of the weird geeky crap that comes with the territory.

  • TN says:

    Mr. Saltwater Tank is gay?

  • glenn says:

    two things totally right my x said get out and take your tank with you well me and my tank have been happy for a year now :p
    and tn r u homophobic even if mswt was gay whats wrong with that you might as well have said mswt is black white green yellow try growing up tn grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Brandon says:

    Easy Monique and NA! its called a comedy skit…may not be everyones cup of tea..its just to mix it up…its supposed to look bad…like so bad its funny…not everyone likes anything from monty python, or Mr. Bean or the three stooges…but for others its a life following…your taking this WAY to seriously!!! its supposed to be cute and fun…chill out and go with the flow…and Na, dude get outta the house or something…you have some seriously misplaced childhood anger issues…were you not allowed to have fun as a child? Cheerz!…… (I spelled it with a Z for comedic effect)

  • John M. says:

    Makes me glad that my wife and I are similarly afflicted reefers…

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