First Look At The Mazarra Maxspect X

LED for saltwater aquariums continue their meteoric rise in popularity and for the budget minded, Mazarra believes they have the solution for you.

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Correction: The point about the Mazarra X only having 6 channels of controllability is incorrect.  The correct info is that the Mazarra X will have 6 time points for changing colors of the different channels throughout the day.

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  • Matman says:

    Those are much more expensive than the Radion en terms of $/watt. Not sure about the use of tight optics either.

  • Matman…you are fast with your math! Most consumers only look at the price tag when comparing prices so the untrained yet, the X appears cheaper. As with anything, less price = less features.

    I’m not saying the X is a bad fixture, it just a different approach for a fundamentally different consumer.

  • Matman says:

    Yep, I looked at them in the past in one of the multiples X vs Y vz Z LED ramps discussions hehe.

  • Darrell Mann says:

    What’s your opinion on the Marineland 48″ LED specific for reef/corals, I found it online for $349, that’s the cheapest I have found it anywhere. I am getting ready to start from scratch a 72 gallon bowfront reef tank. I want to do corals and some limited amounts of fish.

  • Bobby Thom says:

    Awesome, thanks for the preview

  • Dave says:

    My worry is that a 72″ tank needs 3 of these units and $$$$ Hello. With the tilt option can two be angled to cover a 6 foot radius or am I still lokking at about $900 for three??

  • Dave says:

    Correction $1300 for Three. . . . 🙁 Fish or Rent ? ? ? Decisions, Decisions

  • Joe says:

    Darrell… Stay clear of Marineland LEDs. They are just junk.

  • Al says:

    They’re great, but for the price I can buy the tank I want and a nice stand. When will the price of decent LED systems come down?

  • kev says:

    Have you ever used the Mazarra p series or even the UV420 edition use the new xml leds less power and brighter then its competitors ?

  • Jon says:

    radions all the way!

  • Matt says:

    I’ve actually seen a lot of the Mazarra lights as a friend in the UK is the supplier for them here in the UK… I’ve got to say I’m impressed… They can compare to the Radion’s but its literally up to you what unit you go for… I think I’d be happy to go with either.. The Radion’s controls are amazing and the Mazarra has a powerful mix of led’s on the go…

    Personally I can see both of them finding there way into peoples homes with ease and it really is down to the individual regarding what they want from their lighting…

    Well they had a hell of a user showdown recently and the Radion’s did just about come out on top… But out of everything out there right now these two units are ultimately the best two to choose from 🙂

    Now if only the two companies were daft enough to supply me with a couple of each I’d be laughing 😀

  • Darrell says:

    So what price range are we talking here for a 48″ LED by either company? I assume Radion is the brand name? Do they make a strip LED like Marineland does to fit on top of a 48″ 72 gallon reef tank? I am not looking for one that you hang, ones you can sit on top of the tank.


  • Daniel says:

    Darrell, The Radions are made by Vortech. They are FAR superior to the junk that Marineland sells as LED reef lighting. You would need 2 Radions for your 72 gallon tank to the tune of about $1500. There are other options out there that are cheaper, such as the AI SOL’s which would run you about $800 for two. If you are at all handy, you can DIY an LED fixture for much cheaper than those fixtures that are commercialy available.

  • amanda says:

    are theas lights better than the radions? and are you gonna review this product 😀

  • Jay says:

    does anyone know how big of a lighting footprint the AL sol units will do , I’m lookin at the radions I need 2 for a 150 gallon which is 48 by 24 , I know the radions have a 2 foot light footprint , any info will be great !

  • Daniel says:

    Jay, AI has all of their PAR charts for the SOL covering a 36″x36″ area.

  • @Daniel – the Radions are made by Ecotech Marine! The Vortech is the brand name of the powerheads. I’ve done the math on DIY LED’s…they are not cheaper if you consider the lost features that the Radion, AI Sol, Maxspect provide.

  • Daniel says:

    @hingedthinker, Sorry for the freudian slip…I meant Ecotech!

  • Daniel says:

    @hingedthinker, If you pair a DIY Led fixture w/dimmable drivers on each color and a good aquarium controller (i.e. Apex, Reef Angel, etc) which you likely already have for other purposes, they are IMO every bit as capable of emulating the same features as the Radions, AI Sol, and Maxspect fixtures.

  • Brian Davis says:

    Anyone so sick of their Radions they’re ready to get rid of them? ? Hehe.

    Dang! Five years behind B! ? Where have I been?!!

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