Friday Morning Quick Tip: One Place On Your Tank That’s Worth Rolling The Dice

I don’t take a lot of risks with my saltwater tank, but there is one place that I’ll roll the dice. (I’ve won before with this game of chance)

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  • jasonandsarah says:

    Great tip! I’ve gotten some really nice gems this way.

  • Trevor says:

    What are some ways to color up sps coral? I’ve bought some wysiwyg corals from Unique Corals and after 8 months they’re not looking as colorful.

  • Hi Trevor,

    If you haven’t done this already, pick up a potassium test kit and dosing supplement and make sure your potassium is at optimal levels.

    This should help with coloration of your corals.

    – ASAP Aquarium Admin

  • Sergio says:

    my fish y mi corals he is bliss en I test the waters i the water is good but do you no what is the problem I chang the water tree in month

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