From The Archive: Friday AM Quick Tip #29

I’m reaching into the Mr. Saltwater Tank TV archives this week to remind you of a small step that can really help your tank:

Make sure you suck this stuff up.

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  • Mark H. says:

    Good tip Mark, seems like the sump is the main collector.

  • Eric says:

    Thanks for the tip. I’ve never cleaned my sump. Also I’ve been pronouncing detritus wrong for years thanks for that. Do you use a siphon to remove the waste from the sand bed? Maybe you could demonstrate how you actually do clean your sand bed when you do a water change. Thanks Eric

  • tim baker says:

    thanks mark for the tip and you are right Eric i would like to see the right way to clean the sand bed i do like to talk to all saltwater people to learn new way to do something thanks all tim

  • Tony says:

    I have a 20 gal sump with no baffles, a refugium and protien skimmer, along with return and reactor pumps, etc, 2 – 1″ drains going into it on my 49gal Bowfront. One drain is into a sock, the other goes right into sump open. I get alot of detritus in my sump rather than in the tank. The best way I found to clean my sump is a 200gph power head with tubing, and a 5gal bucket. Plug it in and guide the tubing in and out of all the tight spots!

  • Tim & Eric…I will suck up bits of detritus on the sand bed if I see them. Otherwise I don’t disturb the sand bed when cleaning my tank

  • Tony…that’s how I do it. A Maxi-jet works great for sucking stuff up out of the sump

  • Lisa DiMercurio says:

    I have a question about todays quick tip. How can you get detritus out of the sump? I don’t understand how I can get a siphon from the sump.

  • Lisa…use a small pump.

  • david says:

    So Mark you really dont siphon the sand bed completely? ever? just wondering

  • David..I never touch the sand bed.

  • david says:

    ok Thanks alot

  • david says:

    sorry to bother but do you recommend the same for a crushed coral/sand bed mix?

  • cmario says:

    is their a difference in deep sandbed vs non deep

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