[From the Archive]: Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday Am Quick Tip #108: I’m Plastic, Fantastic and Really Useful

Securing dosing lines and any other line that carries liquid into your tank is an easy step to prevent tank emergencies. And with a saw, a drill and a short piece of PVC, you can make your own effluent line holder as seen in this tip:


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  • Good use of leveraging leftovers. Hope your feeling better.

  • Steve says:

    I did a similar thing for a float valve holder.

    1) Cut a slit in a 90° elbow.

    2) Put a length of pipe in it that went to the level of the sump I wanted the float valve to sit at.

    3) Put an end cap on the end.

    4) Drill a hole in the end cap slightly smaller than the threaded section of the float valve.

    5) Tap the hole with the same thread pattern of the float valve thread.

    6) Pass the float valve wires through the hole, pipe and out the elbow.

    7) Screw the float valve into the end cap and Voila.

    There are 2 added features of doing it this way.
    1) The wires are nice and neatly tucked away in the PVC pipe

    2) You can fine tune the level of the float valve to screwing it or unscrewing it lore or less into the end cap.

  • Bruce (beetle) Bailey says:

    Great ideas all round guys ,guess what I’m doing this week end !!

  • Kenneth Baez says:

    Supper cool idea! I was just going to waste money on a dose line holder gadget online but after seeing this I’m doing myself a favor and using some of that spare pvc I have in the garage. Thanks!

  • Mark says:

    My dosing pumps just arrived in the mail too 🙂

  • Mikey says:

    I’ve seen this idea before on youtube and thought about it the other day when you posted the tank disaster post on Facebook. Great idea! 🙂

  • Byron says:

    Great simple and practical tip! Thanks!!!

  • Cristian Albu says:

    One of my favorite diy 🙂

  • Norm says:

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