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RODI holding containers are great until they get overfilled causing a flood in your garage, basement or laundry room.  And the person who is going to be most upset about it will be your spouse/partner/girlfriend.

The floods can be avoided and all you have to do is install this small piece of equipment in your RODI holding container to keep your floor dry and your relationship happy.

Hint: Float switches make a great last minute father’s day gift! Here’s where you can get one

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  • Dustin says:

    Must have on my Brutes I must say. These valves can fail too so as a second preventative measure, I like to use an electronic float switch at the very top of the top off container which kicks off the RO/DI water flow.

    Ways these valves could fail…
    – Adjustable nut gets loose with time and makes float useless
    – While mixing up salt, I’ve hit the valve and flipped it upside down

  • David says:

    Could you do video how to set up float valve mark.

  • Tom says:

    so, is this like the same type of float valve you would put on a swamp cooler? Those styles?

  • Buddy says:

    Personally I don’t like the plastic storage containers for my ro/di water. I know its an in-expensive way to store water but it does have those problems Mark pointed out. I prefer to use ro storage tanks. They cost a little more but I never have to worry about overflow. I picked up 2 20gallon tanks for $130.00 and they are kept in my basement where it is always cool.

  • Dustin says:

    Sorry but not sure how 20 gallon tanks differ from storage containers (vertical tanks, Brutes, etc)? As long as the plastic does not leach phosphates and is food safe then they are much more economical than buying aquariums for water storage…I use 2 44 gallon Brutes right now but will soon be adding 2 165 gallon vertical tanks as I need the water storage.

  • Jimmy oh says:

    Hi mark, I think you shall intro some website got international shipping.. Because we got problem buying the items and some shipping fees is very expensive… How you will understand it from my view and other fans view…

  • Ray says:

    Yo, Mark!
    Gosh, I feel sorry for your tank breakdown, but I’m glad it’s recovering!
    Also, good tip! What would happen if you looked in your garage one morning and your brand new mercedes was afloat and covered with salt?

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