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When armed with a few proven concepts, setting up a saltwater tank is straightforward and doesn't require months of mind-numbing research. I’ll personally teach you what you need to know, so you can avoid mistakes that will drain your wallet.

In my "No-Nonsense Guide to Setting Up a Saltwater Tank", you'll find:

The key concepts that are actually important for setting up a saltwater tank. Without these concepts, you'll very likely kill Nemo time and time again.

Which equipment is right for your tank and why it matters. Once you know what to buy, you'll never be taken advantage of and waste money again.

Exclusive Mr. Saltwater Tank Bonus Tips. I'll let you in on my secrets that will save you hundreds.

Videos of a step-by-step demonstation of a saltwater tank being setup so you can see exactly how to get your tank started, saving you hours of digging around online looking for pictures and jerky homemade videos.


Even worse, you'll be walking into your local fish store with a flashing neon-green dollar sign sitting over your head that screams:"I don't know what I'm doing, but I'll buy whatever you tell me to. Here's my VISA card, have at it!" The good news: I'll tell you the one question to NEVER ask your local fish store so that you won't get taken advantage of and can save you hundreds of dollars in the process.

Just because you know the concepts to start a saltwater tank, you still have to pick the right tank and equipment to go with it, then put everything together correctly to get your tank started. Does this sound familiar:

  • Looking at saltwater tank equipment online makes your head spin from all the possible choices

  • One person tells you one way to start your tank and the next person says that way is absolutely wrong

  • You've read the "New to the Hobby" section of online forums and you walk away more confused than when you started

I won't lie, I've been there too. My first couple of months keeping a saltwater tank I killed more fish than I kept alive. You don't have to follow in my footsteps though. (In fact, please don't)

You should do months of research before ever THINKING of starting a saltwater tank.

When armed with a few proven concepts, setting up a saltwater tank is straightforward and doesn't require months of mind-numbing research.


Once you have the concepts down though, if you don't know how to apply them, you're still stuck.

In my "No-Nonsense Guide to Setting Up a Saltwater Tank" I'll teach you the concepts you actually need to know and show you step-by-step how to setup a saltwater tank.

I'll even show you what equipment to buy and what equipment to avoid,
keeping hundreds of dollars in your pocket. Here’s the crazy thing. A guide and videos like this could easily cost hundreds of dollars. But I’m selling BOTH the guide and the videos for:

I've also put together videos to introduce more concepts and
to re-enforce your learning, leaving you ready to start your saltwater tank.

  • Introduction - I'll tell you the best way to read and watch the videos so you get the most of out them

  • Bigger is Better - Understanding this concept first immediately narrows down the choices of tanks for you

  • Tank Types - In this video, I'll show the different types of tanks so you can make a decision for what's best for you

  • Hang On Back Overflows - Why what looks like a nice shortcut is something you'll be hating down the road

  • Rimmed v. Rimless Tank - Which tank design the one that's right for you? I'll tell you how to decide

  • Where to Place Your Tank - Avoid the pitfalls of poor tank placement and be in-the-know about the implications of placing your tank in certain areas in your home

  • Aquarium Stands - If you are buying pre-made, or making your own, this video will teach you what features to look for in a stand so you will know exactly what to buy

  • Sumps - I'll show the 3 features every sump should have so you don't get stuck with a piece of crap

  • Plumbing Your Tank - Eliminate one of the biggest confusion points of setting up a saltwater tank by seeing it done, step by step

  • The Durso Standpipe - This video shows you how to build a Durso standpipe, keeping your tank quiet and clog-free

  • Sand - I'll teach you how to prepare the sand for your tank to keep harmful junk out of your new setup

  • Aquascaping - Create beautiful rock work with my exclusive tips

  • Building a Tank - From placing the stand and tank, to adding sand and water, you'll see a tank come together piece by piece

  • The Next 30 Days - Once your tank is up, I'll tell you what to do next so you aren't left out in the cold

Don't Make The Costly "Newbie" Mistakes That Everyone Else Is Making

Note: Guide is delivered via instant .pdf download. If you want a printed copy, click here


Your headline

I wish a guide like this existed before today but it didn't. I've never found a guide that taught you what you needed to know, then took you through the steps to actually get your tank up and rolling - so I created it. No matter what your skill level, or what you've read online, the "No-Nonsense Guide to Setting Up a Saltwater Tank" will take the confusion out of setting up a saltwater tank.

"Best guide ever and written by someone who doesn't feel the need to talk down to you..."

"The guide is essential to beginners."

"I know this guide has just saved me a lot of time and money and I feel confident enough to get going instead of constantly researching every little detail!"

"I definitely fall into the 'A tank owner who is looking to start another tank and wants to "get it right" this time around' category, but your guide is useful across the board from rank newbies to moderately experienced reefers."

"It allowed to me expand in the right direction via purchasing equipment I needed, rather then equipment my local fish store tried to sell me."

"Simple and easy to understand. Best $47 dollar book I've ever read.  And man, what a lot of useful information"

Here's what people who have purchased the guide have to say:

If you like physical copies of books, the No-Nonsense Guide to Setting Up A Saltwater Tank Vol 1 available in paperback form. The book is spiral bound and we'll ship it to you for no charge - even if you are an international customer!
With your printed guide purchase, you'll get:

  • Paperback version of the guide shipped to your door (even if you are an international customer)
  • The electronic version of the guide (pdf download)
  • Access to all the members-only videos

Even though our accountant thinks we are nuts, we'll are selling all this for:


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