Hanna Instruments Alkalinity Checker Reviewed

Some will argue that an alkalinity test is simply an alkalinity test. The gem is this alkalinity test doesn’t lie in the test itself.

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  • Chris says:

    Hanna checker are great.i have not open my alkalinity checker almost out of the old stuff .i know if i don’t make myself use it up frist it will just set there in the way it has one or two more test left so. i did find this web page Convert from: meq / l dKH ppm you can see them all you just put the reading you have and the best part it does the work for you.

  • Warren says:

    I will agree 100% on Hanna customer service. I ordered recently and my order ended up being on back order. Hanna customer service called me and offered to ship what they had and the rest overnight when they got it at no charge to me. Can’t wait for the new testers to come out.

  • John A. Schaal says:

    Dear Mark,

    First, I would like to say that I watch all your Mr. Saltwater videos and find them to be most informative and helpful. Also, I’ve been using the Hanna Checkers for over a year now and really like them. However, when I purchased the alkalinity checker they were using the powdered reagent. So, when I contacted the Hanna people to receive the “free” reagent upgrade at their web site, and submitted all of the requested information, I still have not received the upgrade kit. Three (3) weeks and still waiting. Therefore I must disagree with your assessment of their customer service. Furthermore, I left 3 messages on their web site and have yet to receive a response.

  • John…thanks for the feedback. I sent Hanna your information so they can handle the issue. Sorry you’ve been waiting! I can’t imagine having to go back to my old test kit. (Barf)

  • Darin says:

    I received my Hanna Alk Checker in the mail yesterday. I have to say, it’s accurate and easy to use. I, too have the protruding corner on my case when trying to shut it completely. The other improvement I’d like to see is an easier to open latch mechanism on the case. Perhaps a hinged lock of sorts. That thing is PITA to open as it exists. Other than the case complaints, it’s a great tool!

  • Axl Rose says:

    Now I need to buy this!!!
    Why would you rinse the vial in the display tank?

  • You rise the vial in your display tank so that the only thing in the vial is the display tank water. Since the vial only holds 10mL, even if you had a very small amount of fresh water (from rinsing the vial) then it could throw your results.

    I run the test, dump out the test water, rinse the vial in freshwater, then store it away. Then when I’m going to run the test, I rinse the vial in tank water like in the video.

  • Meek says:

    Hey Mark,
    Any word from the folks at Hanna when we might see a Calcium and Magnesium checker? There were rumblings about it in June of 2010, but I can’t find anything more recent. Let us know. I’m holding my breath!


  • Darin says:

    I’d swipe up Ca and Mg checkers form them in a minute after using the Alk checker.

  • John says:

    I noticed that your reading was at 106 and that equals to about 5.9 DKH, but i thought it should be around 8.3-9.3. With that in mind my reading came out to 93 which equates to about 5.2 DKH. What do you have to say about this? Would like an honest oppinion. Thanks mark and keep those videos coming!

  • John says:

    Hi Mark,

    The instructions can be fit behind the black plastic molding and the case shuts fine.

    Love the videos.


  • John…thanks for the tip! I’m moving mine now!

  • John…5.2 sounds low. What is your pH sitting at?

  • John A. Schaal says:

    Good Morning Mark. My PH is usually tests around 9 .0 – 9.2

  • John…are you using a pH pen to check your ph? If your pH was really that high, your tank would probably be a death zone.

  • Erasmo Cromartie says:

    Very well written post. It will be helpful to anyone who utilizes it, as well as me. Keep up the good work – can’r wait to read more posts.

  • Fred Mercado says:

    I wanted to followup with you Mark, as to what you now prefer to use, as its important to get a good idea of accuracy and usage quality on this stuff. Do you still use the Hannah checker? Or are you sticking to Salifert, or Red Sea, etc.

  • Ehud says:

    Hello Mark,
    i have just purchased one, and test my alkalinity with it and compare the result with my Tropic Marine alkalinity test kit.
    results are as follows:
    Tropic Marine: 8 dKH
    Hanna checker: 10.2 dKH
    this gap between the results are very bothering and confirm the following review:http://www.advancedaquarist.com/2011/8/review
    since i have been checking my alkalinity for several years with the Tropic Marine test kit, i’m confused which test is more accurate.

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