How to Give Your Corals a Nip/Tuck

Keeping corals is one of the best reasons to have a saltwater tank. They are pretty, relaxing and can provide a decent side income if you know what you are doing.

When it’s time to give your tank a nip/tuck – a.k.a.- fragging, there are a couple of steps to follow. Just make sure you don’t miss the biggest pitfall of all that can spell disaster for your tank.

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  • pat says:

    great vid thanks for the info

  • You are welcome! Thanks for the feedback

  • Jordann says:

    Great video! I need to get me some of that Coral Rx.

    By the way, I really like the music you add to your videos. Nice touch!

  • Mike says:

    On the coral dip you said 30 drops per gallon, but obviously didn’t use the full gallon for dipping the frag you showed. You just need to use enough of the mixed dip to cover the coral, right?

  • Mike…that’s correct. You want to submerge the coral. Remember that you only use the dip that has come in contact with the coral once. Then throw it away and get more dip from the one gallon batch.

  • Cam Turner says:

    Is there a minimum volume of water needed for the dip? say the frag is only an inch cubed, could a tiny container that just barely contains it filled with dip be enough or should we use about the ratio you showed in the video?

  • Kim says:

    Nice Video.How about make a video on how to frag anemone.

  • Cam…there isn’t a set rule on this one, but I’d use more than you need. The effectiveness of the dip is all about contact time so you’ll want to make sure you are getting fresh dip in contact with the frag. A small amount of dip wouldn’t be as useful as a larger amount

  • Kim…I’m not a fan of fragging anemones. Anemones are delicate creatures and the success of fragging them has been mixed. Please don’t frag ‘nems.

  • Byron says:

    The guy using the ban saw should be using safety glasses! Don’t you thank so Mark?

  • Probably would have been a good idea. I think they were sitting right behind us! (Ooops)

  • Ahmad says:

    Hey Mark, I’m having a slight problem with my sps corals, the polyps never seem to extend as much as they were when I bought them from the store. Any advice?

  • nathan says:

    Hey mark. i did not know to dip my corals before this video. Now i know but i think one of my corals must have had something because a bunch of them are not doing good now. they are all losing there color and going white. if i get the stuff and dip them will whatever was killing them still be in my tank? what can i do about it?

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