How to Power a Boat with Aquarium Gear

Aquarium gear can have many uses: RODI water makes great sweet tea and LEDs makes nice mood lighting.

But what about using a powerhead as a trolling motor to bring home the……to feed your family?

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  • Tyler says:

    Hey Mark,

    Great video! Have you been working out?

  • Byron says:

    Nice comedy Mark : )

  • Tyler…I’ve been hitting the juice pretty hard over the summer…j/k. I’ve been riding my bike a lot in preparation for a 103 mile ride

  • Gotta mix it up some Byron! All work and no play makes any saltwater tank keeper a dull boy.

  • Adam Baggett says:

    Wow now thats a pump. Little too much for my 70 gal me thinks!

  • Gary Madison says:

    Ok, Mark. That was awesome. But I’m having trouble with the mount of my Minn Kota to the side of my 90 gal tank….and, more problematically, there’s no blade guard, so I lost three tangs and a wrasse so far. OTOH the coral seems to like the blended fish… I’m getting much better polyp extension on the acros.

    Thanks again!

  • Emerson Nichols says:

    garry you arent serious are you? well like the vid. anyways thanks mark!

  • John says:

    Hey, im looking for a new protein skimmer when i restart my tank. the tank will only consist of Live rock and fish, the tank is 110 gallons and im looking for one within $200 range that is decent and that will do its job. is there anything that you may recommend thanks

  • Brian Davis says:

    Fun! Now, that’s not tomato tamoto, that’s a beast!

  • sean says:

    Hi foks
    Cool Video, real creasy for me but very cool.
    You could go fishing with this Pumps
    Do you have other videos like this? Real funny yes craisy but wow.
    Regard from Switzerland

  • Danny Gutierrez says:

    Wow, how much is the pump going for?! That’s insane power! Acros would love it!!!…will they? lol

  • David Pettit says:

    Only in Texas!

  • Rob says:

    Great video, looks like you need a little weight gain 3000. j/k John if your looking for a cheaper protein skimmer that works, Eshopps makes a descent skimmer for a great price. thats what i use on my 75gallon reef.

  • Danny…list is $3600 I believe.

  • Sean…check this one out

  • Meek says:

    FUnniest thing on Saltwater Tank TV in a long time!

    Drag boat racing is next, right?

  • Mad Hatter Reef says:

    This is the funniest video I have ever seen for the Aquarium Trade. Bravo Mark.

  • Thanks everyone! I love the water this video was a slam dunk for me!

  • patrick says:

    Hy mark, the clip showed a public aquarium , where is it? do you have the full video?

  • Matt says:

    You Fruit Cake… 😀 Cheers for the giggle chap… 😉

  • Squinchyy says:

    This bad boy only costs 5000+$ here in Iceland, man do i love living on a island in the middle of nowhere :/

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