I Know New Saltwater Tanks Are Exciting, But Don’t Go Fish Shopping Yet

Why don’t I want you go to fish shopping just yet?

Because there is an exact process to setting up a saltwater tank.

Unlike freshwater tanks and goldfish bowls where you can buy everything you need, put the tank together, then throw in the fish the same day, a saltwater tank needs some time before it is ready for ANY fish.  Even Nemo, (a clownfish in case you didn’t know) needs to stay out of your tank at this point.

You may have seen saltwater tanks put together on TV in what seemed like hours, but behind the scenes it took days to assemble that tank and get it ready for fish. TV is misleading! Don’t believe everything you see. 

In fact, buying the fish is the last step in the process of setting up a saltwater tank.

If you buy the fish now, you’ll kill the fish and cost yourself money.

For now, if you want to go fish “window shopping” (looking but not buying), that’s ok. In fact, finding fish you like and making a list of them can’t hurt at this point. Just don’t buy anything!

I know you are excited and trust me…no fish yet.

Coming tomorrow:
A piece of advice for buying fish will save you headaches for years to come.