Love RODI But Hate The Waste? Here’s The Solution With Side Benefits

One of the largest complaints people have about reverse osmosis deionization units is the amount of waste water they produce. Usually the waste water can be stored and recycled for other uses such as watering plants or lawns. However, not all of us (that includes me), have the capabilities to save the waste water.

So if you want to keep your RODI water for the great things it does for your saltwater tank, but want to cut the waste, here’s the solution. Did I mention it had another great side benefit as well?

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  • Jay Dodds says:

    Hi Mark, I have a D-D RO 50US Gallon system and just ordered a second membrane and housing to do this upgrade. I have two questions…

    I use a DI pod on product line of my existing membrane to achieve zero TDS. Would I need a second DI pod, leave the existing one where it is and route the second DI pod on the product line of the second membrane? Could I do this with one DI pod and put this in line after the Y connector (where both product lines meet)?

    I already have a flush tap on my system. Would the second membrane require a second flush tap? Or would my existing me do?

    Otherwise, great tip. Thanks! Jay (United Kingdom)

  • Jay…the DI stage should be fed by the output of the 2 membranes so you don’t need to hook up the second DI stage to the second membrane.

    And the flush valve would flush the first membrane only.

  • Bob Rasmusen says:

    Hi Mark, I am a newbie to salt water tanks. I jumped in with a 75 gal tank filtered by a Magnum 350 Canister Filter. I have two 1,200 gpm power heads and a protein skimmer. I’ve been fighting green slime for quite a number of weeks. I’ve taken my live rock out (smells like sewage) and changed the filters. What do I need to do to keep my tank healthy?

  • Earl says:

    This only works if you have at least 65 psi of water pressure or you have to have a booster pump which is another $100.00. Fortunately I don’t pay for my water so I don’t much care how much water goes down the drain.

  • Earl says:

    Bob Rasmusen, first of all get rid of the canister filter (that is freshwater technology) and look into a sump with a refugium with chaeto. The canister will be a nitrate factory, which will release into the tank and increase the green water and algae. That is what algae feeds off of. A refugium will grow the chaeto algae in it and that will soak up the nitrates and you keep that trimmed and export the nitrate out by throwing away the trimmings. Also use RODI water in your saltmixes.

  • Earl…while you don’t pay your water bill, I still recommend you try to waste a little water as possible. As saltwater tank hobbyists, I believe its best for us to lead by example and show that we can be good stewards to the environment.

  • Earl says:

    Mark. I lost interest in “being a good steward” when I use to follow all of the conservation rules and saw my neighbors washing their cars, watering their lawns, and city owned football and soccer fields being watered in the middle of a rain storm. with non recycled water (found that out at a city hall meeting. They said that they couldn’t do anything about it since it operated off of satellites. When I have to pay another $150.00 to $175.00 for a booster pump and upgrade kit, after spending $200.00 on a 5 stage, I will stay unconcerned. I am retired and only have so much money and I have invested enough in obtaining pure water. I live in a condo and have no place else to apply the waste water except for down the drain. Being a good steward shouldn’t cost me another $150 to $200 on top of what I have already spent.

  • I understand where you are coming from Earl.

  • Toby Williams says:

    You can get the BRS 6 Stage RO/DI with Chlorimine Filter, and with the 150 Upgrade (xtra Membrane kit) which decreases waste. This is by far the best RO/DI out there, in my opinion. Why Chlorimines you ask? I would go as far as to say if you on municipal water you have these Chlorimines 90% of the time. I work for the water dept. in my city, this method is widely used for disinfection. To the guy stating he didn’t care how much water he uses cause it free.. Freshwater is not a renewable resource. We will run out. With the countries current drought conditions, It’s always wise to conserve.

  • Lisa says:

    THANK YOU FOR THIS. My mom’s always complaining about the waste my RO unit creates. I’m going to upgrade to one with two RO membranes.

  • Tom-André Thomsen says:

    Would the two connected RO-membranes wear out as fast as one single RO-membrane?
    If yes, this will also mean twice the cost when it is time to replace the RO-membrane(s).
    By the way, first video comment from me 🙂

  • Matt says:

    My rodi unit happens to be installed in my laundry room. I take the waste line and use it to fill the washer machine. Hows that for double dipping Mark? you should use that as a quick

  • Sani says:

    Hi Mark
    Will the second membrane worn out faster than the first one?

  • David Kaczorowski says:

    I bought a 4 stage 50gpd ro di unit. Am curious if it’s possible to upgrade that to a 75-100-150. If so how easy and what to do?

  • clayton says:

    dont drink straight RO/DI water it is not the best for you, figured id add that disclaimer for you

  • What a nice video, I just ordered a RO/DI system just like the one you displayed here. I made sure to get the non-color changing resin that way the water is also drinkable. I play on adding to the RO/DI water minerals , such as calcium chloride, magnesium sulphate, and sodium bicarbonate. I currently take over 1000 mg of calcium from calcium lactate a day all ready since the human body can not properly absorb calcium in dairy products. I also started eating raw hulled organic sunflower seeds and was thinking of adding say 6-7 raw organic almonds a day. I have never felt better and my skin has never looked better since I started supplementing and getting healthy fats. Does anyone have any favorite recipes they use to remineralize their RO/DI water?

  • Brandon says:

    Hi i have a question. So if y had 2 membrane singel line i have more osmosis water amd last waste water but de tds would bit a bit higher but not much right? I mean that is not bad.

    Second can you run 2 membranes single line with a booster pump ore wouldn.t that work great becaus de tds wil go higher?

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