Mr. Saltwater Tank Exclusive Review: Tunze 7092 Wavecontroller

Tunze’s waveboxes are a great way to add wave-like flow to your tank and they’re about to get even better.

Tunze is about to release a brand new wavecontroller and in this episode of Mr. Saltwater Tank TV, I’ll take you inside the brand new Tunze 7092 Multicontroller and give you my personal feedback on it.

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  • BBMarlin says:

    Sweet review Mark! I think this will be a nice upgrade for my Nano Wavebox as well. I hate making changes to my controller now as I always end up spending like 30 minutes trying to tweak it and never can figure out if my wave is as big as it could be. I bet the new push buttons will help immensely.

  • poxcr says:

    This video was featured today in Reef Builders! Congrats, Mark!

  • Yep! I’m glad to see it getting exposure as Tunze is a great company with great products.

  • the push buttons are a huge upgrade. They alone are worth the price.

  • Derrick says:

    All right, you convinced me I need to have it. But my question is, which pumps are you running on it? You have the MPs in the front, and the waveboxes in the back? So I’m guessing the waveboxes???

    I’m thinking about trying it with my Koralias Evolutions in my 120g tank. Is it a lost cause with out the Tunze Streams or the VorTechs?


  • Garret says:

    Currently using 2x Koralia 1050’s on a 55g std tank. This has caused me much headache as the sand has been whipped around and i am trying to level it daily and blow it off my rocks and corals. I eventually turned the right 1050 off and left the left one on. Do you think the 1050’s are to much push or just not used for sand bottom”very fin”, or am i using the wrong product all together.

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