Mr. Saltwater Tank Friday AM Quick Tip: Make Me Up Then Store Me Right

Have these two types of water on hand, then store them how they want to be stored

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  • Chris says:

    Last Saturday I mixed up my water using RODI ready to to do a water change. I got distracted and haven’t had a chance to do the change till tomorrow. So the water has been sitting for a full week just with heaters on after the initial mixing with pumps. The container isn’t sealed. Would it be safe to use or should I tip it out and start a new batch?

  • Matt says:

    Mark wouldn’t it be cheaper to just use an air pump on your salt water for agitation and less wear and tear with starting and stopping on a pump?

  • Buddy says:

    Hey Thanks for the TIP, Mark. You would think that was obvious , but here I am with my premixed tank pump running continuously. So I just went over to My DA system and set the schedule to cycle the pump every 15 minutes.

    I’d need a pretty big air bubbler to keep my 40-gallons of premix cycled as Chris mentioned, I’ll stick with the pump. Besides I use the same pump to transfer my water to the main tank for water changes.

    It’s great getting your tips again, some of us just don’t think about the obvious at times…


  • Michael says:

    Thanks mark!!!

  • Paul says:

    Hey Mark, you didn’t mention anything about heating the salt water, I know a lot of people due that as well after mixing it up. Is heating also required, or just agitation?

  • Paul…I only heat the saltwater if the temp is very low (under 78 F) or if I know I’m immediately using the water for a water change and want to match the tank water temp

  • Matt…air stones/pump don’t move very much water. Pump is much better. And a good quality pump shouldn’t fail with the on/off cycle. The pump on my mixing station has been cycling on/off for 3 years with no issues

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