Mr. Saltwater Tank Friday Am Quick Tip: Reference the Reference For An Accurate Test Kit

Can’t figure out which the color in the test tube matches up to on the color card? Use this tip to make it really easy.

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  • Wolffman64 says:

    Love the work you’re doing mate, so appreciated.

    I hate comparing colours, and am in constant agony with some of my test colours. Have bought Hanna checkers for KH, Ca and Phosphate = no colour comparison = love them!! Just wish they could do one for Nitrate as well.

  • Daniel Douglass says:

    Wolffman64 I agree with you, but they do have a Hanna checker for nitrates and it works great. Here is a link.

  • Elmo says:

    Here is the link to actual tester

    However, this is for nitrIte, not nitrAte. According to the Hanna website, they do not make a unit for nitrate

  • Wolffman64 says:

    That’s for nitrite, not nitrate???

  • Jason says:

    They do have a nitrate Hanna checker but they are expensive comparitivly speaking. I believe they need to be recalibrated everytime and that’s probably one reason they’re so expensive.

  • shaun, UK says:

    Wow that’s a big shelf of marine stuff, mine is no where near that although it is a 20g nano. I just got 1 shelf with a few test kits & meters, food, fungal, bacterial and ws treatments, supplements, small box with odds & ends and a towel. And a bucket, jug, salt bucket, rodi unit when not in use and my containers on the floor in the cupboard.

  • Mr. Microscope says:

    Nice video! Thank you for the suggestion to use the standard. I think so many of us try to avoid the extra work of using the standard and it’s probably one of the most important steps. I appreciate the test kit document as well.

    Mark, I’d be interested to get your insight into what you think is the best test kit to use for Potassium. I have the Salifert test kit, but the results are very very inconsistent.

  • Simon Ksiazek says:

    I gotta say that this Friday morning quick tip is gotta be one of the most helpful quick tips you have done in a while. It’s ingenious and will help a lot of people out I’m sure. You still got the originality Mark!

    Simon K.

  • kevin says:

    When i say this on the Dutch fora they all look at me, no, i can read out the test kit just fine.

    95% of the people who never saw the reverence sample will read out the test cards wrong, and i mean completely wrong.

    That being said it’s still quite hard to get nice reference fluids for a decent price over here.

  • Justin says:

    Jason, that link is for a fresh water nitrate checker. No such thing as a Hanna Nitrate Checker for salt water. They have said it is on the drawing board, but due to difficulties with how the saltwater affects the test results, it does not sound very promising.

    Also, thanks Mark for the video. Keep up the good work! Please note the link you posted to your recommended test kits does not work. (results in a 404 error)

  • dana padilla says:

    I have a quick tip. When getting a new bucket of salt. Divide it up right away into single use bags. That way. Instead of trying to measure out the proper amount ever time. Instead of making a mess with salt every time. Instead of worrying about clumping and having to stir up your salt ever time. Divide the salt into bags. That way. When it’s time to make a new batch of saltwater. All you need to do is open up the bag and pour it in.You don’t even have to get your hands dirty. Re-use the bags of course.

  • Andrew says:

    Nice tip Dana!!!!!!!!!!!!

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