Mr. Saltwater Tank Friday AM Quick Tip: Soak Before You Filter

New socks and a moody skimmer? Here’s how to get the two to get along.

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  • Dustin Getta says:

    In my experience, even soaking them in RODI water for 15-20 minutes does the trick. I also just wrenched them dry(ish) before putting them in (of course tap water rinsing can’t hurt). Great tip! I love having the Friday quick tips back Mark!

  • Mike says:

    Why rinse in tap water vs rodi?

  • Josh P says:

    I just prewash mine in the washer like I do the others.

  • Josh P says:

    That way I can be sure any manufacturing chemicals I may have leached into them are cleaned out.

  • Josh P says:

    Chemicals that*

  • Ron Antinarelli says:

    I too don’t understand why one should rinse in tap water afterwards. It seems unnecessary.
    Thank you, Mark, for the tip!

  • rinses away the rest of the RODI water that now contains the “junk” from the socks that drive the skimmer crazy.

  • Most people don’t have on-demand RODI water. It’s easier to rinse under tap, squeeze them out and go

  • bruce d waterat says:

    I do initial wash with tap water & bleach, one rinse with tap water and final rinse with RODI to rinse away anything that was in the tap water. I have a mini countertop washing machine that holds about 5 gal of water I got on Amazon for about $60 that I use just for filter socks…working awesome for me.

  • Cheryl says:

    I wash in washer with bleach, take them out and put them in a bucket with tap water with a decloriner in the water, soak them for a day or so, then take out and let them dry. When I go to use one I just soak it in a bucket of salt water that I am removing from the tank when I do a water change

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