Mr. Saltwater Tank Friday AM Quick Tip: Two Easy DIY Test Tube Drying Racks

If you aren’t wanting to soak your test tubes in acid as outlined in this Mr. Saltwater Tank TV episode, here are two easy ways to make DIY test tube drying racks:


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  • polojeff2003 says:

    Very informative. Thank you again.

  • Nathan says:

    I guess none of you ever went to science class…

    and there are even less expensive ones…

  • Peter quistgard says:

    Fwiw, knowing what we know about rodi water and how reactive it is, I just store my test tubes filled with rodi water all the time with the lids on tight. When it’s test time, I rinse them with tank water as to not have any dilution in the sample.

  • Reuben says:

    I have these and they have worked out. I like DIY, but time is limited.

  • Cristian Albu says:

    I just dry mine upside down in a plastic cup with holes at the bottom… nothing fancy but works.

  • Jorge says:

    Baby bottle drying rack works great

  • Michael says:

    Somewhat off topic, but I have a small pump and about 8 feet of hose that I use for water changes. I recently noticed what looks like mildew in the hose. I soaked it in vinegar and it cleaned it out, but I need a way to dry the hose to prevent things from growing in it again. Anyone know how to dry out 5/8″ ID vinyl tubing?

  • Dione says:

    Hi I name watching the videos and I would like to know where you purchased your tank. Can you please send me some information where to purchase and the dimension of your tank I have a 180 gallon tank I like to upgrade

  • doug says:

    Michael, a hairdryer with a duct tape “shroud”?

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