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Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday Am Quick Tip #100: Don’t Believe The Rumors

Cleaner shrimp make a flashy and useful addition to any saltwater tank. With their long antennae and their eye-catching colors, you (or your kids) will fall in love with them. While cleaner shrimp are great eye-candy, there is only one cleaning job you should trust them to do.

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  • Josh says:

    Love the bloopers lmao Keep up the great work Mark you have helped me out so much over the past year. I don’t know what I would do without you!

  • Dan says:

    The bloopers were great! Brings back memories of field production classes in college! I do have a question for you, Mark. I noticed a wrasse swimming around and was curious if you have ever noticed him, or the trigger, harassing your cleaner shrimp. I’m a little leary of putting in wrasses or triggers because I love my cleaners and would hate for them to end up being a meal! Thanks!

  • Earl says:

    Your quick tip’s are entertaining and they are all well done. I lost my cleaner shrimp a long time ago and never replaced him. The only fish I had at that time that really used him was my sailfin tang and he is in another junkies aquarium. Most of my fish I have now are small fish and they never would go near him, so I don’t use the cleaner shrimp anymore, although they are beautiful. A side note; I found two baby bangaii cardinal fish in my sump return 2 days ago, and I am now rearing them in a separate tank. Cool huh?

  • Earl…did you put the banggaii’s in the tank, or were they offpring of bigger banggaii’s in your tank?

  • Marcus says:

    Hey Mark,
    congrats to the 100. You´re realy doin a great Job explaining the hobby of saltwater tanks. Thanks so much for your Guides, Mr.Saltwater TV and the friday morning quick tip.

  • Brandon P says:

    Like: “Relying on cleaner shrimp to clean your tank!” You missed that one. HAHA!!

  • Ted says:

    My Powder Blue & Hippo Tang both have some Ich and my 2 cleaner shrimps are constantly picking off the parasites. My other fish are good and never go near shrimp, so they do provide a service of sorts for my tank.

  • Ted…do your powder blue and hippo have ich on them frequently?

  • Alla Barton says:

    The bloopers are hilarious, Mark!

  • Chris says:

    In my old 75 gallon reef, I had a foxface rabbit fish that got a bad case of ick having had cleaner shrimps before and seeing that how good of a job they did in the past I got one to help the foxface only problem the foxface wanted nothing to do with it and slowly was killed by the ick, however my coral buety and lemon butterfly were saved by him. One day a month or so later I looked in the tank and was horrified to see its antenna sticking out of my lionfishes mouth, but then surprise to see it climb out of the lionfishes mouth and start cleaning its back. Turned out they was the best of friends.

  • Beth says:

    Ha ha Mark. Loved the bloopers. Great being a parent isn’t it.

  • Beth…parenthood is certainly a wild adventure and its an adventure I am happy to be on.

  • Rob Gordon says:

    Thank you for your commitment.
    It must have been somewhat painful/frustrating with that many takes; but it was wonderful too.
    Thank you again.

  • travis says:

    im sorry for say but i was cracking up at your frustration

  • Bobby says:

    Mark, funny outtakes. I’m sure it takes a lot of your time and effort to deliver us your videos. And for that, thank you! Btw, using your remote control for your camcorder might be a good idea? Keep up the great work!

  • Anthony Novice Genius says:

    Yo Mark i love your videos and was wondering how you feed your fish
    do you have a special blend?
    We want to know.

  • Forrest says:

    Mark, when I used to get the mouth marbles, a quick jaw-slap and head shake used to clear them up for me. Did drama for a few years back in school. Also another trick I picked up was to learn to enunciate better by practicing speaking while holding a cork in your teethe. It’s a little weird at first, but you get the hang of it pretty quickly and the results come very fast. It’s also a fun trick to play at dinner parties, but you may need another case of wine afterwards.

  • Lucas says:

    The cleaner shrimp is singing the Troll Song.

  • That’s a great idea Forrest! i’ll try it!

  • Greg says:

    The outtakes were hilarious!

  • Jeff says:

    Congrats on 100 Mark! Keep up the great work. And kudos to your wife and son for being supportive of you helping out people you don’t even know, although I’m sure she gets a good laugh behind the scenes with all those outtakes!

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