Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday AM Quick Tip #11: It’s Not Organic, But It Is Good For Your Fish

Give you fish food a boost and help fight dying, dull colored fish

Links in this video:

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  • Cam Turner says:

    Hey Mark,

    The link in the video is missing the “.com”. It should be right? That link doesn’t work either.

    Lastly, for an extra serving (pun intended) of helpfulness it’d be great to put a clickable URL in the blog post text too so we can just click on it. Saves typing time so we can look at our reefs more, and it helps you test to make sure the link works 🙂


  • Cam Turner says:

    Oh… and it’d be great if you installed the WordPress Plugin “Subscribe to comments” to allow us to follow the discussion of others easier 🙂

  • Cam…thanks for the suggestion. I installed it and it’s ready to go!

  • Thanks for the heads up Cam. I fixed both issues and you are correct, the URL was incorrect, it should be

  • Greg says:

    Link still isn’t working. I’d like to learn more. Also, information about placing corals would be nice.

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