Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday AM Quick Tip #12: No Prescription Needed

When adding a new member of the family, this step is imperative.

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  • Mack says:

    Why make a gallon of coralrx solution when you only use about a pint of it? Could you just put 10 drops in and use a third of the water?

  • Damon says:

    can i dip live rock?? And if not how what could i do to rid pest from it and cure it before i put it in my tank?

  • Steve says:

    Can clams be dipped this way?

  • Steve says:

    nevermind – I saw the banner at the end saying it is not for fish or inverts. However, can’t pests such as flatworms be on a clamshell just as easily as they would be on a piece of coral?

  • There is always the risk that the pests could randomly be on the clam, but the pests you really want to kill (Acro eating flat worms, montipora eating flat worms, etc) stay on the host coral.

  • Steve says:

    Thanks Mark. I’m going to pick up some CoralRx but I was also wondering about what Mack said above. Can you make a smaller amount of the dip solution at the same concentration? Seems to be a waste to make a gallon at a time if you only need a small container full.

  • Mack, it is recommended that you make up a whole gallon solution as making lesser amounts, then trying to figure how much to reduce the CoralRx is very inaccurate.

    If the right amounts aren’t put in, then the CoralRx won’t be effective which defeats the whole point of the dip.

    Likewise, if you use too much CoralRX and overdose the solution, you could harm the coral instead of helping it.

  • Warren says:

    Can this be purchased locally in Austin area?

  • Warren…I haven’t found it in town. I order it from these guys: here

  • Simon says:

    LFMO love the note at the end xD

  • Jerry says:

    I probably know the answer to this already, but can you dip multiple specimens at the same time, in the same solution? Or do you risk contaminants jumping from one coral to the other?

  • Jerry…it is best that each specimen get its own separate dip. That way if one coral’s pests throw off toxins, the rest aren’t affected.

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