Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday AM Quick Tip #122: Keep The Moisture Out Until You Need It

A saltwater tank is some parts water and some parts salt.  Mixing the two prematurely though can make your salt mix lumpy or turn your salt mix bucket into a slab of concrete.  While separating the two seems easy, I found a trick to help me keep the two apart.

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  • Duane says:

    Mark, great idea, but where can you get those packets?

  • Kevin says:

    Simple and effective tip Mark! Where do you get desiccant packets like the silica gel one you use?

  • Mark H. says:

    Good tip Mark, where can we find those?

  • Kevin says:

    Inquiring minds want to know……..Lol.

  • Trevor says:

    I have always dug through and around chunks ! Does the chunks of salt cause problems in a tank ?

  • John says:

    Plain rice will do the same thing. No chemicals needed.

  • Joshua Graham says:

    Great idea

  • Brandon says:

    A Sponge or a piece of whole wheat bread does the same thing as well.

  • Chad says:

    Mark, how often to you change the packets. I noticed they come in a pack of twenty… Thanks bud!

  • Duane says:

    Thanks Mark

  • Very interesting. I’ve heard of rice being used, but didn’t know you could buy those dire t. Thanks Mark. I’d like to see you changing water on that new tank. Lots o salt.

  • David L. says:

    I have a small tin that is full of silica that has a little window to see when it has been used up. The color of the silica will change and then you just throw it in the oven for a few hours to recharge it. Here’s an amazon link to one

  • Justin says:

    Not to step on anyone’s shoes – but simply storing your salt in a cool dry place with a container that has a gasket seal should do the same trick.

    I get my salt in bags contained within boxes. (4 bags per box)

    After I scoop out what I need, I twist the back’s opening and the lay the bag of salt upside down on the twist I just created. No more nasty hard salt.

  • kevin says:

    You can buy it but it’s (at least over here) in many products from plastic containers to clothing. My salt rarely clumbs (as never) but i would get them for free out of a lot of stuff.

  • Steve says:

    You can get the packs at any Home Depot , but really? Who cares if its clumpy? It’s still salt ! And anyone is just splitting hairs when it come to dissolve time .

  • Mark says:

    Isn’t salt every bit as hygroscopic as rice or silica? Seems like unless you can find something MORE hygroscopic it’s won’t accomplish much?

  • Steve…I’ve had some salt manufacturers tell me that the salt mix can be adversely affected by clumping due to moisture.

  • Ethan says:

    Trevor had a ? about adding the chunks. I wouldnt. It is my understanding that the contributor to salt mixes forming into solid chunks is co2. Ulitmately interacting with carbonate/bicarbonate and the calcium for an end result of calcium carbonate. (Of course water yeilds co2 through buffers). So the main concern is keeping the salt air tight.

  • Khurram says:

    Hi mark, I see that you have great looking healthy fish in your tank. Where do you purchase them from?
    You probably have gotten this question a lot
    Please can you comment on it again thanks

  • mike gosselin says:

    hi Mark howmany do u use per bucket of salt and how often do u change them for new ones.

  • mike gosselin says:

    hi Mark howmany silica packets do u use per bucket of salt and how often do u change them for new ones.

  • mike gosselin says:

    I am have problems with my computer so I don’t no if this poast went through or not so here it is.

    hi Mark howmany silica packets do u use per bucket of salt and how often do u change them for new ones.

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