Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday AM Quick Tip #134: The Emergency Planning Step For Your Tank You’re Overlooking

Earning your keep as a saltwater tank hobbyist includes going through the unexpected with your tank…at least once. To make your emergency planning more full-proof, make sure this step is part of your pre-disaster anticipating.

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  • Gil says:

    Great tip, thanks.

  • Mark H. says:

    Good tip Mark, it’s all about redundancy… 🙂

  • Pierre-Yves Bouic says:

    No matter how many ways you’ve backed up this info maybe you can leave say the thumb drive copy somewhere other than at home just in case the worst happens and your house burns down because all that is gunna be lost if its in one place. Maybe cloud storage would be perfect for this stuff.

  • Dave Frank says:

    Great idea, Mark. I’m famous for misplacing thumb drives so I’ve become a HUGE fan of Dropbox! That way your entire house could burn down and you’d still have a copy ready once you get back online.

  • Matt says:

    I’ve always been a big voice when it comes to backing up your data… I have cloud storage, server storage, thumb drives and a sizeable chunk in my phone!

    So its great advice… I suggest taking backups of your test results as well… Programming for lighting and so on… It’s the modern age and there’s no excuses anymore 😀

    Although I will point out that if your house burns down it’s unlikely that your tank will survive, so you needed worry about loosing your backups in this case folks 😉

  • Steven Pfeifer says:

    Also consider using a cloud service for backing up. That way you can access the program anywhere anytime.

  • Chris G says:

    Agree with Dave, just put a copy on Dropbox or any other cloud based service

  • daniel says:

    Redundancy Rules!

  • aaron weinberger says:

    Great advise. One tends to over look everything and get stuck in a rut of what they should do each day to their tank. Fyi, if your house burns down, i honestly think the last thing one thinks about is their removable storage is burnt too. Good bye everything!

  • Mikey says:

    Cloud storage is always an option. Although if your house Burns down, you’ll be replacing a lot more than just a program. Plus your new setup could have a completely different program setup. Cloud storage is almost moot when it comes to this type of back up.

  • Mikey says:

    Good tip. I always tell my customers to always backup their settings on their security systems. Although I’ve never thought about doing it for my tank.

  • Aaron says:

    Hi Pierre, if my house burn down. My apex configuration won’t be first thing I need to recover. I am going to setup a new tank anyway. However, I myself do back it up the file to Google Doc. Free is good. Very good!

  • poloJeff2003 says:

    I’m sure if your HOUSE BURNED DOWN, the last thing on your mind would be reprogramming your tanks computer. Good tip, Mark.

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