Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday AM Quick Tip #135: The Easiest Way to Extend The Life Of Your RO Membrane

There’s two big things I love to do when I’m mixing up saltwater for my aquarium. One is making some nice 0 TDS RODI water and the other is helping my RO membrane last longer. Here’s how to keep some money in your pocket.

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  • John says:

    Thank you Mark I put one on and now all the rust came out and back to full water output.
    Tip: Save the waste water to water your house plants and garden and let it all go down the drain.

  • Tony says:

    How long should I flush out the RO Membrane for?

  • Tina says:

    on the video Mark said for 2 minutes before each time he makes water.

  • My Bulk Reef Supply system came with a flush valve but I’m not sure how to properly use it. Does the crap get flushed out through the waste water line?

  • Jerry says:

    Dave-Dee: yes, the water will run out through the waste water line. You’ll notice an increase in the amount of water coming out while flushing. Always good to know that, so you don’t get it backwards and leave it on flush! Uh, not that I did that, or anything, when I got my first one. I’ve, uh, heard it can result in a 4 figure water bill for the quarter :'(

    When making larger amounts of water; 30+ gallons, I flush my membrane for a minute or 2, every few hours, when I’m in the basement

  • Jason says:

    Thank you so much Mark!! I have been trying to figure out for a month why my RO/DI unit was not getting much water out. I never knew this problem existed until I saw this video!! Best Friday Quick Tip EVER for me!!!

  • Mark says:

    My Vertex does auto-flush and includes a pump. I have fairly low water pressure and a LOT of iron. The Vertex seems to flush for 15 seconds every time it shuts off.

  • George says:

    I found a good way of saving di resin is to install a by pass line you can use a flush kit with an extra valve
    You can and just install a t peace in the di supply side and then install 2 valves connect to another t which in then connected to the di in and the waste line so you can choose to dump the first bit of ro as the tds is normally > 100 when it first starts and when down to 15 tds you just swop both valve positions so then you put good clean ro water into the di and it has Meant my di now last > x 6 + and still going

  • Mad Hatter's Reef says:

    Great tip Mark. Nice wave action in the tank!

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