Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday AM Quick Tip #137: The Dangerous Magnetic Accessory In Your Aquarium

Magnetic algae scrapers make cleaning the inside of your aquarium’s glass very easy. And they can pose a real threat to your tank unless you do this one step.

Note: My tank has micro scratches in it from not following this advice. It only takes a second to use the tip so please don’t end up like me.

If you can’t see the video below, click here

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  • John says:

    Mark video not working

  • John says:

    Okay working now

  • Alan Doyle says:

    Put cotton filter pad between the magnet and the glass

  • Robert Schneider says:

    Video is not working.

  • Richard [Rick] Allen says:

    Same here video not showing up

  • Steve Dodd says:

    no vid Mark, Friday quick tip, make a video ha ha

  • Ryan says:

    Same here…not working!

  • I’ve added a link for those of you who can’t see the video. Not sure why it isn’t working as the page is setup just like all my other Friday AM Quick Tips.

  • Jesse Webb says:

    Good tip, Mark; my tanks have been scratched up the same way before. Totally not cool! An additional security step you could take might be to give the magnet a vinegar dip to loosen up any little critters or bits of calcareous sand that make their way into it. I find that, even if you’re careful, unwanted bits can make their way into those magnetic scrapers.

  • Ryan says:

    It’s working now!

  • Worked for me mark. Everyone I know leaves there scraper in the tank. Besides me.

  • Joe Orse says:

    Hey Mark,
    I just installed a second a/c line to my saltwater tank. I think it would be good to tell everyone when starting up a tank its good to install separate 2 breaker circuits. In the summer when my chiller kicks its nice having it.
    Take care and enjoy your info.
    Joe O

  • Matt says:

    I remove mine, clean and dry them then use the back end of a magnet fixed power head to stick them too.. a koralia in my case…. not so good for ecotech pumps (as in don’t try it!) but effective of the back of wave box magnets 🙂

  • Mark H. says:

    Good tip Mark, my daughter decided to help my by cleaning the glass…
    Now the magnet is stored out of sight.
    Enjoy MACNA, get us some good footage and convince them to hold it in Chicago next year.

  • Mark H…well MACNA 2014 is in Denver. Come to the mountains!

  • Justin says:


  • gary says:

    Hey Mark, don’t forget that the magnetic scrapers also interfere with ATO floats! (as well as magnetic frag racks, mp10, mp40 magnets)

  • Patrick says:

    Should of explained how to make a cleaning bath. O well. Any input on those portal viewers? Take them out too I guess when we’re not using them?

  • Tom Hanson says:

    Wow that’s awesome Mark! Never thought of that, gonna take mine out today, soak it in vinegar to get the critters off then keep it out of the tank from now on. Great tip again Mark!

  • Buddy says:

    It’s a great tip Mark… but if your looking for an excuse to get a new tank or upgrade it to a bigger one every 3 or 4 years then I’d leave it in, your spouse will almost insist you replace it once you can’t see into the tank anymore.


  • Simon says:

    I now and never will use mag cleaners again! Sooner or later they will scratch your tank even if your really anal about cleaning it. I use a plastic ‘blade like’ scraper named “lil’ chizler” It may require a bit more elbow grease, But it wont risk scratching your glass.

  • kevin says:

    Aah i see you fixed the site. The video din’t load here because of safety issues with firefox. Don’t know about other browsers. It had something to do with both secure transactions and unsecure on the same page.

  • Buddy…that’s funny!

  • Michael says:

    Just another note on this, I made the mistake of dragging my magnet algae clip up the glass to retrieve it and low and behold and nice little trail of scratches before I realized it

  • Maurice Prevost says:

    So, if you do have small scratches in your GLASS aquarium, how can you get these out?

  • diesel32 says:

    credit card works.Nice!

  • Arthur Wiltse says:

    Speaking of scratches on your tank, that would be a great Friday quick tip on how to remove them.

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