Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday AM Quick Tip #23: Use the Outside Force

It’s right there, why not make use of it?

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  • Omar Morsy says:

    how come i never thought of that, im disapointed in myself. LOL

  • Colby Venancio says:

    Hey great idea, that will come in handy when i spot those fireworms, wont have to run all over the house looking for tweezers…

  • Bryan says:

    I’d like you to update this when your baby is 2 years old, walking and able to reach. ha

  • James Butler says:

    Good idea but you may need to add a disclaimer stating something like this…

    ex: Use this tip with caution in homes with curious “little tank dabblers” running around. Mr. SaltwaterTank is in no way responsible for little Johnny fragging your livingroom furniture, his sisters dolls or your corals themselves (unless he’s able to sell them at a profit). (^◊^)

  • Hahaha! You and Bryan! That’s hilarious.

  • Omar…go buy a frag or a fish, you’ll feel better. Frag therapy!

  • Kovy R. says:

    Hey Mark, this isn’t your tank right? Who’s is it?

  • Tristen Welham says:

    Great Vid as always!

    BUT… I really watch them to see what new shirt your wearing! Shame they aren’t easily available in the UK.

  • Cliff says:

    Hey pretty cool,
    I have a question for ya.
    I recently upgraded my lighting to 175watts x 2 20k mhwith 2 54 watts actinic. I love it. BUT, I think I light shocked my corals. I gradually added a hour a day until at 12 hours agian. I think I didnt cut it back enough to start, 6 hours. How long does it take them to recover? it has been 3 weeks, and some softies are not opening up still. Water perams are perfect. all is good in tank. just the light shock and now starting to get concerned.
    thanks and keep up the good work.
    Cliff Dallas tx

  • Byron says:

    Great idea!

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