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Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday AM Quick Tip #24: Match it Up

If you are running switchable ballasts, make sure you follow this important step.

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  • PBNJ says:

    I’m assuming that a 250W bulb is ok to run on the ‘HQI’ setting? This is technically overdriving the bulb though….any issues with that?

  • PBNJ…running a 250W bulb on the HQI setting is overdriving the bulb slightly (about 10%) so while you won’t see the bulb explode, you will shorten the bulb life by pushing the extra power to it.

  • Mike says:

    I have 250/400w adjustable ballasts that have an HQI setting. I run them at 250w with 250w bulbs. What exactly is the HQI setting, and is it usable with any 250w bulbs or are there “HQI” bulbs?

  • Mike…the HQI setting is for double ended bulbs. You can run your single ended (mogul) bulbs on this setting but you will likely reduce their life as you are pushing extra power to them.

  • zac says:

    you should make another stop at hydro inavations id like to see a update on the 440

  • Kurt Doctor says:

    Hi what wou you recomend on a led system for a 29 gallon biocube reef tank? Also how is your led systm working?

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