Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday AM Quick Tip #27: Change and I Go Hand in Hand

If you make a change, make sure you do this.

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  • DAVID says:


  • ^ says:


  • Jeff says:

    Keep up the great work on the videos. Love’em!
    I LOL’ed on the haircut also.

  • Joe cashwell says:

    You are absolutely correct, I just added a nitrate-phosphate reactor with EcoBak media, I was told four weeks, but about five and a half weeks later itmwas like a switch, big drops in my levels of nitrates, then all of a sudden I realized my alge cleanings was half of my other two tanks, now nine weeks into it I’m about to buy two more for my other reef tanks…

    180 g
    125 g
    90 g

    140 fresh

    I have a problem.. I need AA. (aquarists anonymous)

  • galen says:

    As always thank you for the tip. I have to say I don’t have a tank, yet, but it seems patience is what its all about in this hobby. For example I have been patiently studying to learn all I can before I jump in to this hobby and I love what I have learned! I am waiting all the time for the follow up on the LED test tank. Thanks keep it up these really help people like me.

  • Glad to help galen!

  • Joe…you could be the founding AA member…

  • Jeff…gotta love the buzz cut.

  • sexy…I know…

  • Byron says:

    Great tip Mark. It makes sense. Thanks!

  • Fergus says:

    Mark thanks for the advice I can almost see my new clown fish swimming around my new tank

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