Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday AM Quick Tip #28: Thinking of Switching?

If you are going to change, follow this step even with salt mixes.

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  • Drew Gauderman says:

    I have been wondering about this since i recently changed from Instant Ocean to Kent.

    Is the slowly changing over better for the corals or the more sensitive things like the bacteria in the rock?

    I would think changing salt to a new brand (doing small water changes at first) is not much different than buying a new coral and acclimating it to my tank.

  • Drew…slowly changing over is better for mostly the corals. Different salt brands mix up differently in terms of alk/Ca/Mg, and other values so if you switch from one to another suddenly, you can cause a parameter switch in your tank which corals don’t like.

  • chris ross says:

    Hello Mark, can you send me a quote for the Eco Tech glue

  • Brian Davis says:

    Mark, I noticed back when I stumbled into this hobby that Kent salt mix seemed very abrasive. When I switched over to Instant Ocean I noticed a huge difference. The Kent saltwater had a strong chemical odor to it and I had to prep it a couple days in advance or my softies would recoil after adding it! I didn’t like their response. Does Kent perhaps use some additive or something to cause that?

  • Kent might use other chemical to make their salt which can lead to the issue.

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