Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday AM Quick Tip #30: The Horizontal Position Isn’t Always Advised

Go vertical for best results.


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  • Ben says:

    I never knew that. I was planning on upgrading my RO unit, I might as well buy a new one that has a vertical DI pod. 🙂

  • Matt says:

    Thanks Mark… Although the title initially had me thinking of my lower back problems your Friday Quick Tip just saved me a good few hard earned coins and answered some questions I had about these newer horizontally designed RO DI Units…

    Hope you don’t mind me linking your video to since we have a bit of a debate about best RO DI Units going on right now!

    Once again… Top work that man and thank you very much!

  • Nick Vento says:

    Those DI units you held up look like the PWC (Pure Water Club) units

  • Friday Support says:

    Definitely a good tip. I did not know that, although I can see how the water can skip the media.

    By the way, I recommend putting a link to your site in each video’s description box. Not many people take the time to type the address in their browser if they don’t know whether visiting your site will be worth their time.

  • Derek says:

    I already have a vertical one thanks to your +1 year of support. Thanks Mark!

  • Alex says:

    Hey mark,
    Can I convert my old horizontals into media reactors for the tank?

  • Jamil Hasan says:

    Hi Mark,
    I’m really a big fan! keep the good work. I have a question for long time now, What do you recommend for an RODI Unit?

  • Zac says:

    Whats the whole point of having it sideways? it makes no sense

  • Jeff Peterson says:

    Great vid. What exactly does the DI do to the water? And, does having double DI make the water better?

  • Chris says:

    Hey Mark great video..I replaced my DI stage to vertical months ago…am I able to reuse the horizontal tubes(when cleaned right) for carbon or something with out harming the tank..Thanks..

  • Chris…I’ve never tried it, or seen it done, but I would suspect that you couldn’t get enough flow through the housing to tumble your media correctly. You could always try it though and let me know how it goes.

  • Jeff…the DI stage takes out any free remaining ions from the water. Having 2 DI stages can make your DI stage last longer as one stage does the brunt of the work and the other tags along. For most people though, you won’t need the second DI stage.

  • zac…saves space.

  • Jamil…depends on your tank size.

  • Derek…I remember when you bought your RODI unit!

  • Jamil Hasan says:

    Hi Mark,

    I’m planning to have a 300 gallon tank, what RODI unit do you recommend?

  • Alex says:

    Awesome tip – I’ve been running them horizontally for a while and never thought that fluid channeling would be substantially reduced by being vertical! How would one modify a RODI unit to do it vertically?

  • Alex…just pick up a add on DI kit like this one and hook it into your outlet tube from the RO membrane. Then the outlet from the DI stage goes into your holding barrel/bucket/etc

  • Alex says:

    Cool -thanks Mark!

  • John says:

    where can i get a food grade barrel to store my RO water in like yours?

  • John…any farm store like tractor supply should have them, or try a coke/pepsi bottling plant.

  • Matt says:

    Cheers Mark… you’ve got me singing the praises of RO/DI AND not to use in-line DI filter… At least you know some newbies out there aren’t wasting money thanks to you…

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