Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday AM Quick Tip #38: Test Me Too!

I might sit off by myself, but I still need to be tested.

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  • devin says:

    Thxs mark…have a good morning and weekend as well!!!! Look forward to listening to you at seamax!

  • Eric says:

    hey Mark can I use drinking water from those big tubs from safeway to use in my tank for toping off and mixing salt water?

  • Mad Hatter Reef says:

    @Eric…. Distilled water can help you in a fix but RO/DI water is the way to go. Good Tip mark.

  • Eric..its not advised. I covered it in this show.

  • Matt says:

    Top tip… just starting on setting up my first RO/DI unit… Thanks for all the advice you’ve given through your vids and so on… It’s been invaluable in helping me put together my system… 😉

  • shawn says:

    I am new to saltwater .I have had freshwater tanks for 42 years,112 g discus/communty. I have a 85 g reef tank i am working on .You talked about tds this am , what is tds ?

  • Wes says:

    TDS stands for “total dissolved solids”. It is all of the stuff that is dissolved in water from chlorine to lead to insecticides. The reason to use RO/DI water is that you will only have H2O in the tank and nothing else. You don’t want phosphates or copper in your water that you put in your tank, regardless of the amount. A TDs meter measures whether you have anything other than just pure water present.

  • Chad says:

    How long can you keep the RO/DI water that you make? Do you have to dump it and make new water all the time? Thanks gor all the great info.

  • Matt says:

    Chad… seal it well and it’ll keep for a very long time indeed… just make sure you keep it in a cool place and check the TDS before using 😉

  • shawn says:

    what is tds

  • Shawn: TDS: Total Dissolved Solids = i.e. junk in your water.

  • john says:

    HI Mark I am hoping you can help me I have a 6 stage R/O unit the last 2 stages are DI. I am some what confused my make up water /fresh water comes out 000 as fare as TDS goes. But if I let my makeup / fresh water stand for any long period of time I start to see my TDS READING START TO BUILD UP AND UP OVER TIME!!! I use a air stone to put oxygen in the fresh water before I make my salt water. the TDS out of my TAP is 420 475 very high!!! must be a micro thang or something going on when water sets is that a good guess? PLZ HELP!

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