Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday AM Quick Tip #39: Parameters Out of Control? Put a Lid on it!

Test didn’t come out where you wanted it? Try this tip.

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  • Jonathan Peyton says:

    I know you keep 5 gal of saltwater in a labeled container at all times but how much RODI water do you keep on hand at any given time?

  • Matt Allen says:

    There’s got to be 40gal of RO/DI in that big bucket! Useful stuff… šŸ™‚

    Here’s a couple of questions for you Mark… How do you know your storage container is safe for your RO/DI storage and how is it best to prepare that container? ie just rinse with RO/DI? Bleach it first?

    Cheers for the tip chap šŸ˜‰

  • Matt..It’s about 53G worth!

    Knowing the container is safe is a bit of a crap shoot as you never know where it was before you got it. Even if you buy it new, then there can be residue on it. Therefore, I recommend people rinse down the storage container with RODI water, then wipe it down with your hand. Then fill it up with RODI water and see what the TDS is. You might see an elevated TDS until all the residue is gone.

  • Jonathan…I always have 53 gallons on hand ready to go.

  • Matt Allen says:

    53G ???!! What are you doing… bathing in the stuff??! šŸ˜€

    Cheers for the advice… I’ll prep a barrel using that method… It’s worth having both a hand help and in-line TDS tester for this kind of work… plus making sure any other containers are clean…

  • Mad Hatter Reef says:

    Hey Mark,
    Do you have an auto top off installed on your Ro/DI set up? Good tip.

  • Kevin says:

    Imho everybody should have at least 10% worth of their tanks as RO-DI. In case of an emergency you can do a big water change.

    I got about 33% of my tank usually. Just less when i just did the change and 33% a few days later.

    I got a new rain barrel with lid and I put it a little higher attached a water hose, so I can tap water easy.

  • I’d agree Kevin and add on having at 5% of your tank’s volume in made up saltwater. You don’t want to be mixing salt when you are dealing with an emergency.

  • Mad Hatter…its more like an auto shutoff, but what’s the difference right? They both do the same thing!

  • Jonathan Peyton says:

    My RODI unit is in the kitchen so I cant just leave a 55g brute sitting there 24/7 my wife would plotz…
    I keep about 20-30 gallons of RODI ready to go in the fish closet.Im always making water though.With 2 tanks needing top offs and water changes every week its non stop.

  • shawn says:

    What is tds

  • Tommy says:

    Hi mark, i emailed you… i think, im not sure if i used the right address but i figured i would comment what i had to say as well as send the email. In one of your next videos i would love to see how someone could leave their tank form anywhere from a few days to a month and what the different options reef keepers have because. I always have problems leaving for a weekend or a few days and i am planning to leave the country for about a month. I am sure you have a lot to say about this and i would love to hear everything you have to say about the subject, thanks.

  • Ariza Cairns says:

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