Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday Am Quick Tip #54: Wait For It…Wait For It…

Think that invertebrate is a goner? Here’s how to be sure.


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  • Brian Davis says:

    If that left arm was pointing up I’d say you have a nice pink cactus . Good tip! Appendages falling out would’ve been a little more obvious huh? So, you’ve only had your star a few days and you’ve already taught it to pose for the camera, play dead, and almost imitate a cactus. Wish my star would do that (: Mine’s trained to bury himself alive, but that’s all and i’ve had him for four years now…how embarrassing (:

    That is a pretty star bud, take care!


  • steve cross says:

    omg i wished i had seen this last week now i feel terrible . i bought a banded brittle starfish . as like you i did all the right things but when the lights came on the next morning i was sure it was dead . now im not so sure . now feel guilty as hell . but thanks to you have learnt an important lesson thanks

  • Murat Oner says:

    Thanks Mark 🙂

    Sometimes Conches bury themselves for weeks, so that might be a false alarm as well?

  • BobbyT says:

    Thanks for the tip mark ill be sure to use it

  • Mad Hatter Reef says:

    Good Tip Mark! It’s funny all your fish are sitting next to you in that conner.

  • Chris G says:

    you are lucky that starfish hasn’t met your vortechs yet…mine did, lost 3 arms….it survived, started to recover, but months later, hello vortech! and did him in 🙁

  • The Berrier's Reef says:

    Great tip! Thanks murat!

  • Devin says:


    I’m not sure if you covered this topic in another video if so please let me know, but what type of fish do you have in your tank?



  • Mark , I’m somewhat of a newbie. can you have a tip on keeping your tanks glass or acrylic clean? what to use inside to clean the algae and keep the tank looking great. also i see some people just let the backs of the insides of their tanks just go and see all kinds of buildup. I want to maintain my tank glass as clean as possible. And be the best husbandry as I can.

  • Viral Shah says:

    that was a nice tip.

  • Will says:

    Mark, Would you let a small fish that perished in your tank be eaten by the CUC? Or, does this only apply to inverts? Thanks!

  • Darrell says:

    My cleanup crew is pretty extensive. In 100 gallons, I have over 100 various snails, and over 100 various hermit crabs. I have two small brittle stars as well. The crabs are a real pain when trying to feed my corals, but I never have the problem of finding animals half dead. In my tank, any sign of weakness means you will be eaten, sometimes while still alive.

  • victor.s says:

    i enjoy drinking my coffe and waching the quik tips

  • john says:

    I put a choclate chip star in my tank and it disappeared. I looked everywhere for it and can’t find it. Will it crawl out of a tank and someplace else in a room Mark?

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