Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday Am Quick Tip #55: Please Bring Your Sample

Protect the environment and your frags.

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  • JuanCarlos says:

    why not just use a tupperware container, they come in different sizes and depths

  • JuanCarlos says:

    lol great idea nonetheless, this vid actually gave me the idea for the tupperware container lol

  • Bob says:

    I do use them and the “disposable” cheap tupperware for lager pieces. Great tip “no name guy”.

  • Jacob says:

    My LFS showed me a really good way to transport corals on plugs. They take styrofoam, drill a hole just smaller than the plug, and then slide the plug in the stryofoam making sure its a tight fit. The stryofoam floats and the coral hangs upside down. This method keeps the coral from touching the bag/container as the stryofoam will bump the container walls first.

  • Mad Hatter Reef says:

    Recycling Urine Specimen Cups….. Ahahahahhaahhhahh! Just doesn’t sound right… but its a great idea. LOL!

  • Brian Davs says:

    Lol, now that’s definitely unique. I’m afraid I wouldn’t have thought of using one of these for this! LOL. I like it!! Hehe. Like the floating styrofoam too (: I am fond of using Costco’s cleaned out cottage cheese containers after I’ve used them. Nice one guys! (:

  • Robert says:

    Bought a frag from a fellow reefer this summer and he had a great idea. He put a drop of glue on the bottom of the frag and glued it to the inside of a Tupperware container. My frag had a very safe ride home and was easy to remove.

  • Lowell says:

    That’s a good idea … and I conveniently work for a drug testing lab =)

  • Tommy says:

    great idea, this is also a great way to carry water samples to a LFS that test’s water. I would love to see an episode on upgrading and moving a saltwater tank. looking forward to the next friday tip.

  • Daniel says:

    I been using this baby bottle my doughter outgrew, it uses these
    Small plastic bags that you change every time you use them.
    I tink there great there spill proof and you change the bag after you
    Finish using them, the bottle brand is playtex as well as the baggies.

  • Travis says:

    So I can’t help but notice you have a new BFS RODI system. How do you like it, and would you recommend it over your old Buckeye unit?

  • Travis says:

    ^BRS* Sorry for the typo

  • Jeremy Boutwell says:

    I usually only buy one little frag at at time so far. I fill my plastic baggie with air so it can’t get crushed. Not a very green method though LOL

  • Matthew Tibbits says:

    Actually a pretty useful trip. One of the vendors at MACNA was packaging their frags in urine sample cups and I haven’t used a plastic bag since. Tupperware works too, but my wife doesn’t like me using tupperware for anything related to my tank.

  • Hi Mark,
    Its me Tristian A. aka… Asonitez – pronounced (A – sona – tez) – Super old Counterstrike and FinalFantasyXI character name. I’m so happy you used my quick tip. My LFS ( Have been using this method to trade frags for the longest time and its AWESOME! NO more dealing with plastic bags and the BEST part is that they can be washed and made sterile again!

  • Eh.. Its Tristian.. stupid iphone autocorrect…

  • Thanks for the tip Trisitan!

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