Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday Am Quick Tip #56: When, Where and If

FEMA isn’t coming, so what’s your plan?

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  • Chris Kennedy says:

    A great tip. your tank look great.i would say EcoTech Marine Radion are doing a great job.

  • Guy says:

    My Plan;
    Honda EU2000i 2000 Watt Generator
    Start it once a month to be sure it is ready, put a reminder on your calendar
    MP40’s with backup battery

  • Jerry Moffa says:

    You may have already broadcast this tip but I use and believe in an aquarium log. It is immensely helpful if I am dosing something that is not done daily, through my ato. It is also a great reference for noting a rise in parameters or determining if it is a spike, instead of simply relying on memory. It may get mundane, at times, however; it is a very useful tool for me. It helped me with a hair algae problem, immensely, as I seldom use the full dosage stated on any chemical that I use. I was able to determine the dosage that worked (about 2/3, recommended) and referred back to the log the next time it appeared.

    Apologies if you have already shared this one but I have been amazed at the number of hobbyists I’ve met who have never used this valuable tool

  • Jeanette says:

    Add 1 tablespoon of 30% hydrogen peroxide per 100 liters/26 US gallons every 4 hours to your tank in a power failure to oxygenate your water. You can purchase a battery operated air pump for under $15 USD, You can often get them in the fishing department of a store, as folks use them to keep their fishing minnows alive. Also, get an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) – like they use for keeping computers running. I am using one just to keep my heater, and my pump which feeds my HOB protein skimmer/refugium running.

  • Mark H. says:

    Thanks Mark, I test my UPS weekly…..

  • Murat says:

    Thanks Mark & Janette..

  • Peter says:

    A very well timed reminder, its coming up storm season in Australia.
    Just completed my battery back up system, runs my return pump for about 16 hrs along with my battery backup for the vortch 40’s and 10.

  • Danielle says:

    I live in Ct, and we just went through a 10 day power outage. I wish I had thought of what to do with the tank prior to the storm. (now we’re looking at generators…)
    I lost my favorite wrasse, my zoos look terrible (but still alive) and I have nice full hair algae now. We at least managed to keep the temperature up by using a wood stove to keep the whole house around 75. It was interesting to say the least. I’m sad my tank took a hit, but it could have been much worse I suppose.

  • Danielle…sorry to hear that the storm got you. Several of my viewers got hit by it. A generator is always worth the money even if you never use it as reef tanks can cost thousands of dollars and when you need the generator, you’ll be glad you had it.

  • Tunze pumps also have a battery backup connection where you can run them off a car battery. Bottom line, if something goes wrong, you’ve got options!

  • Guy…Honda…good choice. We had one growing up and we only used it 2-3x in 10 yrs, but when we needed it, it was well worth it. Now that I’ve got several reef tanks, it will be on my list to purchase after the move.

  • Mike Logan says:

    When I clean my glass with the magnetic pads, on the outside I place a microfiber cloth. So while cleaning the inside, it cleans the outside too..!

  • Peter says:

    I have a 3 kva honda generator as well as my battery back system and dont forget the full can of petrol, at least to get you thru the first refuel.
    Our problem in Aus is more the heat rather than the cold, but still the same result – dead corals, fish and one big mess to fix up, not to mention the huge loss of money.

    Sorry to hear of your losses. We had big floods here early in the year and their were lots of tanks that died as the power was out for 3 to 4 days in some areas and we could not even get to them as they were under muddy fresh water for days, not very nice to clean up afterwards.

  • Devin Hall says:

    Hi Mark-
    As always great tip…my question is during a power outage which device (or devices) on your tank would you deem a MUST to plug into a UPS or generator in order to keep your tank running efficiently enough until the power came back on?

    Also besides purchasing a generator, is there a UPS that will last longer than the normal 5-10 minutes that would keep my tank going for a long period of time?


    Devin H.

  • Devin-

    First, if you have EcoTech’s pumps, EcoTech makes a battery backup that will power some of their pumps for up to 72 hrs. Tunze makes a battery backup kit that lets you plug the pump into a car battery if you are comfortable with a car battery being inside your house.

    All that being said, at a minimum i’d want a circulation pump running in the tank that would agitate the surface of the water to help with oxygen exchange. If your generator could handle it, I’d then keep the heater on, then the return pump and skimmer.

  • The Berrier's Reef says:

    Hey Mark, an idea for future shows is two part, how u make it and dose it.

  • Nick Musuraca says:

    Hi Mark,
    Love your tips, am getting back into the hobby but it’s been a long time.
    Just moved out of state and I’m currently renting for a year before my wife
    and I buy a new house. Been watching your tips and have learned a great deal.
    The hobby has changed over the years, and I feel totally lost ! Use to have a
    125 gallon salt, but I don’t think a sump even existed then. Keep up the good
    work,look forward to the next video,
    PS: what do you do when the power goes out ??

  • mcelmer1 says:

    I have returned to saltwater with a fish/live rock 29 gallon biocube. Any thoughts on a protein skimmer to keep down the nitrates? Replying to will help.

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