Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday Am Quick Tip #65: I Might Be Small But I Need To Be Squeaky Clean

Make sure you add this to your regularly scheduled tank maintenance.

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  • Mark H. says:

    Mark, great tip.
    Do you recomend leaving the alge scrapper in the tank when not in use?

  • Derek Bentley says:

    Whats the best and most effecient way to clean your mag float? I can never seem to get it as clean as I would like,which now has me a scratched tank..and nobody likes scratched tank

  • Jackie D. says:

    I leave my algae scrubber in the tank as well but, Walmart in the paint section carries a 2-1/2” nylon brush with stiff bristles that works great to clean off algae and sand when dropped.

  • (Kewl to see anther Jeanette out there… Not many of us.) 🙂

  • I scrape my cleaner with an old credit card in the bathroom sink.

  • Jeanette B not D says:

    Wish we had realized that scrapers needed maintenance before we permanently etched our 90 gallon….

    (Yep, Jeanette D, cool to see another of us… and with only one “n” to boot!)

  • Mad Hatter Reef says:

    It’s the Little things that make a happy Tank!

  • Matthew says:

    Great tip Mark! I recently got some sand trapped in the bristles of my algae scraper and scratch the hell out of my glass. Now I have noticeable scratches across my 75. I wouldn’t wish this for my worst enemy… Well maybe.

  • Byron says:

    My kids have scratched the glass by using the algae scraper so I’ve taken it out!

  • Tony says:

    Yet another great tip! Thx all 🙂

  • Matthew…time to upgrade!

  • Derek…I scrub it with a stiff brush then replace the pad every year.

  • Tanner W. says:

    For another video suggestion tell them what to do if a big fish they have dies like an eel or full size tang

  • issaic b says:

    just a tip to go along with this is when your cleaning the glass look down in to the tank from the inside so your looking through the water if you can i think you will be suprised.

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