Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday Am Quick Tip #67: Alternatives to Coral Sunglasses Includes These

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  • Mad Hatter Reef says:

    Good Tip! I have used egg crate before. How many of these tips did you do before breaking down the Tank?

  • Omar says:

    what the…??? the tank is still there? im….soooo confused 😉

  • Abe Fisher says:

    I’m sure everyone would interested in your new tank build. Are you planning to put together a series of videos as you build out your tank?

  • Lawrence Bibi says:

    Hi Mark,
    Any ideas on removing small scratches from the inside of the tank. I recently used a magnetic glass cleaner and did not notice a piece of gravel on it. I now have a nice scratch on the inside of the tank.
    If you know if any remedies it may make a good segment.

  • Eric says:

    Just to add a bit to your tip. I recently read you can add multiple layers of screen and remove one layer at a time over a several week period. It was also mentioned that if you have a lux meter you can measure your existing light and then match the new one by layering the screens and gradually removing them to acclimate.

  • Richard L says:

    +1 Omar. All the intelligence I have received says that tank has been torn down. Mark, I demand that you hold up a current newspaper for next Friday’s tip. I wan’t proof of life….of your tank!

  • Aravin says:

    Hi mark! In your next Friday quick tip, can you talk about tank light timings! It will really be helpful to many! not only with led’s but also MH and T5’s! Thanks!!:)

  • Tony says:

    Wow, I just started using eggcrate myself about 3 weeks ago. I have a dual metal halide setup, it prevents the cone of double light dosing in the middle of the tank, lost 4 birdsnest corals before I realized what was happening. Happy reefing!!

  • Jon says:

    Mark’s tank has been torn down… he pre recorded a bunch of quick tips, so suggestions probably wont make it to the light until he is done with his move! GOOD TIP MARK! Or, if you buy Radions, you can dim the lights so u dont have to deal with this hassle

  • Matt says:

    Top tip Eric and another from Jon just there regarding the Radions… 😀

    Yes the tank has gone one way, the equipment another and the Corals now live in a palace of a cylinder tank… The RBTA & fish stay with Mark though 🙂

  • Jeanette B not D says:

    Great tip Eric and Mark! Happy Trails and Smooth Sailing to the Callahans as you make your way to Tennessee!

  • Donnie says:

    Mark, I know you have broken down your tank. But I have a question. What was the red or pinkish coral that you had in the center of tank?

    Thanx Donnie

  • david t says:

    grate tip just gon to led’s

  • Donnie…montipora setosa

  • Thanks Jeanette…day 1 of the move has been crazy so far

  • Jon has it right…my tank has been torn down and I pre-recorded a bunch of tips before I took it down.

    Now when I edit my videos, I have to see my old tank in all its glory!

  • Mastertechrepair says:

    dont cry its okaii to see the old tank its best to think about the new one coming along soon

  • Drew45 says:

    Hey Mark, I was wondering what was the name, type, or model of the Coralife dual 250 watt metal halide light fixture you had on your 90 gallon? I thought it accually looked cool, and it obviously worked, but I can’t seem to find that model of Coralife MH fixtures that you had. Thanks for all the great videos!!!

  • Brian Davis says:

    Ha! Which reminds me to ask you. Have you checked out your tank while wearing polarized sunglasses? It’s badass!! Corals look super sexy! It’s another fun way to view’em; colors pop hard! (:


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