Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday Am Quick Tip #75: Easier To Remember Than Your Anniversary

Low tech…yes.

Does that make it less effective? NO.

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  • Rick says:

    Great tip. However from experience make sure that you write the date on the housing after you have screwed it back it! If you don’t the date mak end up facing a direction that can’t be seen! Enjoy you weekend everybody!

  • Matt says:

    I do a similar thing for my T5 bulbs, use a thin Sharpie and write the month and year I installed them on one end of the bulb near the labeling so I can easily see how long they’ve been in service.

  • Mad Hatter's Reef says:

    Great Tip Mark… I also do this for my lights as well 🙂

  • Jon says:

    could you possible make an update on your tank… I am keen to see your progress 🙂

  • giorgio says:

    Is this youtube account dead apart from the friday morning quick tips then?

  • Matt says:

    It’s a good idea… I’ve done it for a while but I have noticed that you need to use a decent quality dry marker pen else it can vanish before change time!

    Cheers Adam and thank you Mark… 🙂

  • Giorgio…I’ll still post on YouTube in the future besides Friday Am Quick Tips

  • Good call Mad Hatter! I didn’t think of that. Maybe b/c I have LEDs?!

  • Phil says:

    How long should carbon last?
    I chnage my gfo when .003 ppm is reached

  • Mad Hatter's Reef says:

    Haha. Well I don’t 😛 as well as most of your subscribers, I’d bet. Time to take a poll on Facebook.

  • PCrain says:

    i use painters tape on the inside of my stand usually it reads Date and what happened for example


    just as simple and low tech as a dry erase great tip Mark I think its really important to note when water changes, media changes, and replacing bulbs.

  • Good idea Mad Hatter!

  • Maurice says:

    Hi Mark..Question about the proper amount of LED’s needed for a 90 gallon tank with 4 fish and a lot of soft corals, mushrooms, 2 large anemone’s for the clown fish. Presently I use 1 150 watt metal halide and I have 5 T5 blue actinic. I’d like to switch t LED’s but do not know what the correct change over should be to match the brightness and still provide the proper lighting for the inhabitants. Please let me know.


  • Mikey says:

    Hey mrsaltwatertank I recently set up my first salt water tank and I used Dr.Tims One and Only and I have done tests and every thing is fine but my Nitrates are 100mg/l PLEASE HELP!

  • Josh says:

    I see a small bit of your tank at the top of the screen and boxes on the floor. How is the new tank coming along?

  • John says:

    hey mrsaltwater tank,

    Ive noticed that on your new tank, just as on the old, you have a nice looking “cover” that slips around 3 sides of your stand. What exactly is that? Pre-made? Custom? Ever since i saw it on your old tank ive wanted to use somthing similar.

    hope to hear back,

    ps love the channel. cant wait for updates on the new tank. Looks great!!

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