Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday Am Quick Tip #76: Do It For Your Sanity (And Kid’s) Sake

This little piece of aquarium gear is useful in more place than one.

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  • Franky says:

    I couldn’t focus on what you were saying. I don’t know why I was so captivated by what the todler was doing. lol! I had to watch the vid a second time to hear what you said. lol! I love it!

  • karen says:

    Hehe…too cute! Nom Nom Nom

    Just a quick thanks to your Friday morning updates ~ I always look forward to them as I’m having my coffee at work ~ thanks for all you do for the rest of us! See you at MACNA!

  • MantisO_o says:

    Me too! Exactly what ‘Franky’ said, lol.

  • Tony says:

    Getting him ready for the future! I can see it now Mr.Saltwater Tank & Son!

  • John says:

    Is it just me or do they have matching pajamas?!

  • Byron says:

    Not really a tip to help me take better care of my tank, but a nice tip none the less. Nice to see your son too!

  • Mike says:

    I was totally expecting you to have mounted metal plates to the bottoms of his cups and to use the magnets on the bottom of the tray to keep him from tipping them over. Of course, then he’d have to have a good supply of straws!

  • Mike…that’s so mean! Your kids are going to have serious issues when they get older!

  • Mad Hatter's Reef says:

    Great Tip Mark! Your little man is getting big 😀

  • Simon Ksiazek says:

    Hi mark,

    Love all the Friday morning quick tips. I look forward to them every week. Just as an aside…are you going to put up the “flooring: will it hold?” video. Or is it up and I’m not seeing it. Please let us know.


  • tim baker says:

    thanks it is good that you take saltwater to a good level and good tip

  • jrockflimflam says:

    Mini-Mark’s timing on trying to feed daddy right as he finished the quick tip was perfect. He knows how to finish with style. Great tip and I look forward to next week.

  • Monique says:

    Mark, you son is so cute.I love to see him in your videos,he is getting big.

  • Kovy says:

    Mark, cmon! You already gave us this tip! Remember, with the frag tools and such? Im sure people are smart enough to use it for more than just frag tools. (Or maybe not…? LOL) When is there going to be a new MSWT Episode?

  • Jeanette B says:

    Adorable tip this week! Did Bridger nail his yogurt bite part on the first take? He’s a natural, just like his dad (although it did seem like you missed the spoon a bit at first…)

  • david t says:

    Mark can you send me same magnets have nun do you have a video on how to …are you going to put up the “flooring: will it hold?” video. Please let us know. And Simon Ksiazek

  • Mark says:

    Actually Mark it’s your MAGNETIC personality that keeps us coming back for your quick tips! Just think in about 5 years your todler can formally INTRODUCE you on the QUICK TIPS videos! Heeeeere’s DADDY!

  • Mark…thanks for the complement. Bridger is already an entertainer so I’m sure he’ll love the camera!

  • David t…I’m working on the flooring video as I have new numbers that I want to make sure get in the video.

  • Jeanette…I think I’m about 32 yrs out of practice for being fed to!

  • Kovy…the tip you are referring to is about storing your tools on the side of your tank for easy use when fragging, etc. This tip is about long-term storage of misc metal object. Close, but not the same!

  • jrockflimflam…totally a candid moment that worked so well!

  • james says:

    Mark come on we want good stuff from you not_____ love your little fella but salt water stuff please that was nothing!

  • james says:

    Mark I love your stuff I have gained so much from all your shows comments and Fridays tips you’re my man keep it comm. All the facts more tank water volumes and other peoples tanks sumps pumps pipes fish rocks and cleaning up after salt water spills cleaning out filters and getting rid of bad fish that don’t get on with the rest of the tank.

  • John says:

    Hey Mark. I have a question.. Im about to order some LED’s and i was wondering, was your canopy custom built? How high did u put your radions?

    My tank is in my room. 55 gallon that is. And if i have 2 LED’s just hang, man im gonna become blind. So anyhow, do you know where i can buy the canopys u had?

  • luis morales says:

    Thank you

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